Saturday, July 16


I am very passionate about feeding my family natural, wholesome and mostly organic food having been inspired by lovely friends in real life and online. Knowing how much I enjoy learning and cooking my hubby surprised me with a cooking class at Mondo Organics called Super Foods, an early birthday present. I really enjoyed being around people who are passionate about cooking good, clean food, learning new techniques and trying new foods without grumbling;) I'm not sure whether the class convinced my meat loving husband to eat more of these types of foods but I'm convinced and will be trying out some of these new foods again. Thank you my darling for being so thoughtful and for a great time. xxx

A little visit to Nook, a sweet little shop selling handmade wears.  I managed to find a couple of little treasures, one for me and a little something for a giveaway to celebrate my birthday next week be sure to stop by.
We finished the day off with coffee for him, hot chocolate for me in one of my favourite Brisbane suburbs, Bulimba.  There are some beautiful character houses there, this one caught my eye today.

What did you get up to this Saturday?  I hope you had a wonderful day


  1. Thanks for your comment :)

    I could spend spend spend in that little shop you visited and that cookery present sounds like lots of fun - the food looks scrummy anyway.

    Leah x

  2. what a fantastic day ! Your hubby utterly knows you well, how amazingly thoughtful

  3. what a lovely surprise! Have a great weekend x

  4. what a great gift and a perfect 'quality time' outing together. I must look them up. My Hub and I once did a cooking class with the Harre Krishnas over at West End. It was really fantastic. I took my daughter to see Cirque de Soliel yesterday arvo, totally brilliant. enjoy today. I bet you'll be going shopping for ingredients for a scrumptious dinner tonight! Jx

  5. What a gorgeous surprise and what a sweet hubby you have!!!

    I love the organic shop and that little handmade shop looks DIVINE!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  6. That old Queenslander is gorgeous and what a lovely gift! Happy Birthday! x

  7. Gorgeous photo of the two of you!! What a thoughtful gift for your husband to get you. That shop looks lovely too x

  8. I agree it is such a beautiful happy portrait and wow a great way of spending the day :)I also feel passionate about healthy living & cooking(i was really lucky my mum raised us this way such a blessing and great example!).The cooking school seems like a great find Catherine.You also reminded me that I have not visited Nook for ages, such a nice little shop!

  9. Happy Day for your upcoming birthday!! What a lovely gift from your hubby. We once gave my Dad a cooking class for his birthday and it kept on giving - we now get to eat his wonderful creations - yum!

  10. How fun to do a course at Mondo's - there food is yummy:)


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