Thursday, August 18


You know how when you cut an onion, peel all the skin, cut the onion one way then cut the other to dice it and it ends up falling apart? Well when my hubby and I went to the cooking school for a date last month we learnt a little trick to cutting up onions finely without them falling apart. Here's the trick:
1. Cut your onion from top to bottom
2. Cut the tip of the onion, make sure you leave the end with the roots intact.
3. Peel the skin off the onion.
3a. I forgot to do this but my hubby reminded me that to make the onions very fine you need to cut the whole onion twice parallel to the board but leave the root intact.
4. Then cut your onion trying to follow the grain better than I did, but do not cut all the way to the end make sure the root stays intact.
5. Then cut the onion in the opposite direct so now you have diced the onion finely without it falling apart.
By keeping the root at the end of the onion you are holding the onion together making cutting the onion up finely much easier.  Give it a try.

Enjoy your Friday my friends


  1. Thanks for the tip Catherine, I will try it next time. xx

  2. It's a nifty little trick isn't it? I trained as a chef in my late teens and was taught to cut an onion this way.
    The thing I hate is the uncontrollable tears that cutting onions bring...just recently I read on a cooking blog that if you dangle a piece of bread between your teeth as you cut no tears. It sounds pretty wacky but I tell you it works a more tears!!


  3. Oh Thanks for sharing!I think this is how I do it not knowing!?Maybe I watched too many cooking shows lol :)But I am with Tammi about the tears :) I deep mine in water first and rush!!!:) Audrey the other day ran outside with the onion and said see mum the tears stopped outside :) lol xx

  4. Its the tears that get me too
    I had a fabulous tupperware onion chopper - but it got lost in the last move - so I'm back to crying!
    Great tip - I do wedges which gets a similar result :-)

  5. When I saw your post I remembered the movie Julia and Julie (Meryll Streep).
    When she decided to learn how to cook, she went to a Cooking school.
    Her first task was to cut (as you did) hundreds of onions.
    At the end she, like you, reached perfection and the all table kitchen was covered with onions while she was crying.
    It was a great movie as well as your tips.

  6. Doesn't it make a difference to cut them that way..and quick too!!


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