Saturday, August 20

This weekend

 I've got more planting to do.  This time the moon calendar suggests that either today or tomorrow is a good time to plant vegetables that grow under the ground.  So the other day in preparation for the weekend I bought carrots, beetroot, onions and potatoes.
That's my Sunday already planned and maybe there might be a bit of baking done too. I really want to try Tammy's Date Loaf recipe and read some of the books I picked up at the library. But today I'm off to get a hair cut.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend what ever you may do


  1. Sounds like you have one productive weekend ahead of you Catherine :)
    I received some seed catalouges in the post this week but flicking through them is as far as I have gotten with the garden planning.


  2. Sounds like a great weekend ahead, I like ones spent pottering around the house. That's what I'm doing today as well as load after load of laundry while the sunshine is out. Let us know how your vegetables go, I was so disappointed with our baby carrots last year. I'm hoping to pick up some seedlings tomorrow as well as a few flowers for Grace's garden corner. Looks like you have a great collection of books to browse through over a cuppa (and perhaps a piece of date slice) - I love seeing a big pile of new books from the library waiting for me to open them :)

  3. You've inspired me - just put my date loaf in the oven :-)
    Will let you know how it turns out

  4. have a lovely weekend catherine. looks like you have plenty to keep you busy.

  5. Good Luck with all that veg growing! Hope you have lots and lots to make delishous recipies with.

    Leah x

  6. Hope you enjoy planting your veggies. Do they have to be already seedling for the date theory to work? I have bought lots of packets of seeds to plant. you inspired me with your talk of gardening over recent posts. I actually got my veggie garden outside my kitchen window started! Will blog about it soon. Keep us updated as to how you are going!

  7. A weekend in the garden sounds fabulous! Is your veggie patch in the ground, planter boxes, pots? Love to hear any tips. Do you have problems with possums? Sorry for all the questions, just need all the help I can get! x

  8. Great weekend! Sounds very productive and fun... at least to me :)

  9. You have inspired me.
    I have a lot of things to do out doors.

  10. Catherine, me again.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words at my blog.


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