Wednesday, August 10

These are the simple things around here that have been making me smile lately.
A bag of organic oranges for a few dollars.
Pretty new tea towels.
Some rainbow fabric waiting to be made into pjs for the girls.
The smell of cake baking in the oven.
Having my big girl home snuggling under her blanket.
And thoughtful birthday presents from friends who know me well.
What has been making you smile lately?


  1. Thought I would come over and have some orange juice from your oranges! wipe my hands on your lovely new tea towels when I'm finished!

    Try the PJs on for size, grab a slice of cake put some tea in that beautiful cup and sit on the lounge with your girl and smile!

    Always Wendy

  2. aaah. the comfort of home. Jx

  3. Looks like you have been having the best fun doing the simplest of things!

  4. Oh, lovely juicy oranges and a cosy post, Catherine - in fact there is a little bit of orange glow weaving through the other images..or am I seeing things? :)

  5. well I must remember to hide my new tea towels when wendy comes to visit! ; )
    A bag of ANYTHING organic for a few dollars makes me happy!


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