Tuesday, September 20

Simple Crafting

I've had a ball of Sugar 'n Cream cotton sitting along with other balls waiting for projects to be started for a while now.  I think almost each day my list of things to make gets longer since I've started enjoying craft over the last few years.  So with the girls happily snacking away on some party popcorn
after we made some paper daffodils,
I crocheted up another dishcloth, you can never have too many I think.  It's a simple ribbed patterned I chose out of my book of crochet blocks by Jan Eaton.
I hope your Tuesday was a terrific one.


  1. How lovely are those daffodils?! I think the kids would love to try that one over the holidays. Your dishcloth is very Spring like with such pretty colours.

  2. that's almost too pretty to use!
    clever you

  3. Ooh I have that very same sugar'n'cream cotton in my basket waiting for its chance to shine! You've inspired me to get it out and onto some needles! Love those daffodils...gorgeous! Wishing you a lovely slow school holidays with your lovely girls :) x

  4. I have that book too... which block is it? Looks great... as does the popcorn!!!

  5. love it all!!!! Glad to see you are enjoying the slower pace of the holidays. My girls last day of school is Friday and I so can't wait..

  6. I love the dishcloth, but tell me: do you really use them for cleaning your dishes? Anyway the colours are very pretty.


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