Monday, September 19

It's the first day of school holidays today, ahh it feels nice.  Finally my girls have holidays together, the first this year since my older daughter started a new school.  It's nice having some one on one time with each of them but it's even better I think when we can all holiday together.
As you know I'm a routine kind of person so we headed out and did the shopping, a necessity especially when we are home on holidays.  A bit of creative play and cleaning in the little girls room, followed by some lunch outside enjoying the very hot Spring weather we're having.  Although the shopping was done the cupboard was bare for afternoon tea treats so there was some baking to be done.

Each had their own turn, Apple Banana Loaf was baked with the little one and Jam drops with my big girl.  All in all the day went really well, just the kind of day I like.

How was your Monday?


  1. Today was our last day of holidays - I'm missing them already!
    I love your routines...I might wish it was me sometimes...but its so not

  2. It's very inspiring how you're always cooking and/or crafting with your girls. I look forward to enjoying all these things when my girl is bigger :) x

  3. What gorgeous photos, I especially love the first one. What a lovely room. Glad you're enjoying the start of the holidays together :)

  4. The tones in your photos are just beautiful, Catherine.

    Happy Monday. I worked. Fought with my muppet colleagues. Got a headache. Life. x

  5. Hi Catherine
    love the sepia look photos. I have just now rushed a quick batch of melting moments into the oven for loved ones to enjoy, then off to work. monday was a bit of a juggle with work and play and a trip over to DFO for shoes. It's hard to justify $70 - $80 pairs of shoes for growing feet! hope you have another special day with your girls. Jane x

  6. I too love the sepia tone of the pictures, especially the first photo.
    How can you keep your weight with all this baking, I wonder?

  7. school is almost finished here too and it has been a REALLY hectic term...but my people are off to Cuboree for the first week just leaving eldest and me to hang out!

  8. Holidays already? It's weird how each State is on a different schedule.

    We are so hanging out for the holidays...we try to take them when school's out so we can catch up with friends.

    I dare say they'll be lots of baking and crafting going on here too :)

  9. Happy times.

    i wokred on Monday but really wanted to be home and making , making,, making. There are so many inpsiring thrilling things to do at home.

    have a great week with your girls.


  10. Catherine, what a lovely start to the holidays with your girls. Beautiful images too. Lily was at family day care yesterday (one of two days) while I finished off some work. I am trying to wind down my home based business soon (self imposed maternity leave is in order very soon)! Have a fantastic week x


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