Friday, October 7

Cinnamon and Raisin Toasted Muesli recipe by lovely Cathie with homemade yoghurt

A couple of weeks ago Catherine from Life Collection gave me an award on her blog, thank you Catherine.  The award asks you to share 7 things about yourself. So here goes....

1.  I have a weakness for Green and Black's Organic White Chocolate.  It's my favourite on a Friday night to eat while having a cup of tea, watching television.
2.  My very first concert was when I was about 15years old with my Mum.  I went to see New Kids on the Block, I know, you can have a giggle;)
3.  I was lucky enough to be given my first car by my parents, a Holden Sunbird (Torana), so I could make my way to TAFE on my own.   It was a hand me down and I was ever so grateful to have my own car, I just wish that my Dad had gotten around to repainting it after he sprayed it in undercoat.  So for the couple of years I drove it,  I was driving a car that was painted an army green colour, very cool.
4. I am a night owl but if I had to choose my favourite time of day it would be first thing in the morning, just after the sun has risen.
5. My drink of choice is tea.  At the moment I am enjoying the taste of white tea.
6. I don't really like onion.  If it is cooked to the point where I can't taste the crunch of it I will eat it but if there is any crunch I won't eat it.
7. I love old homes.  My favourite type of home is a sandstone home.  I love the natural colour and rustic feel of them.

If you would like to play along then give it a go too.

Have a fantastic Saturday


  1. I'm a night owl, tea and chocolate loving girl too. First car- a 1979 gemini - aqua with white vinyl roof. We used to call it the smurfmobile and there was another car the same owned by an indian dude with turban that my mates always thought was mine being stolen. melx

  2. I went to see new kids on the block too! Though I really wanted to see Marky Mark but he didn't turn up!

  3. wow. new kids on the block brings back some memories. i have a friend who was so in love with them. i agree, white tea is lovely and give me a sandstone house anyday!

  4. Congratulations on your award - I enjoyed reading your list of things about yourself. I used to be a fan of New Kids On The Block Too :) My Dad used to have a Holden Sunbird - it was cherry red and it's 'name' was Ruby. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  5. Well done on your award! I love the cards you made in your last post, clean and classy :)

  6. Congrats on your award! I love the quietness of first thing in the morning. My first car was a Holden HR miss that car. My favourite band back then was Max Merritt and the Meteors. Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  7. me kids on the block. to funny.

  8. Lovely to read more about you Catherine xx You would love the Sandstone home of my childhood :) x


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