Sunday, October 16

It Was A Sunny Sunday

Today I managed to venture outside into my poor neglected garden out the back, there was some incentive to do so because the little one is having a friend over tomorrow for a play.  It ended up taking hours to trim the hedge we have growing around the cubby, raking it all up, weeding and cleaning the chook house.  It was great finally getting the motivation to venture outside until now I've been staying indoors sewing instead.  The weather is definitely warm enough now to be outside, I think the hibernating weather might be over here.

The girls busied themselves with some potato people making,
a game or two of master mind and the little one and her dad headed out on a bike ride to the shop together.
There was a quick spot of baking tonight for our visitors tomorrow, a melt and mix recipe my favourite and it took just the right amount of time so now I can just sit and relax.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and you were able to relax


  1. That's one funky potato girl!
    The sugar topped treats look good too.
    Freezing here today - lots of sleety rain and snow on the mountain - I hibernated and loved it

  2. oh those cakes look mighty fine x

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x

  3. I find potato people around here too but i must say they are never that well shod!

  4. MASTERMIND! Thanks for the reminder - I bought that at a charity shop weeks ago and had forgotten all about it! Great thing to do today on our pupil free day!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. Ohhhh yum! Those cakes look sooo good! Feels great to get some sunshine on you :) going to be a hot summer here eek!

  6. those cakes look ridiculously good. xo.

  7. Oh how I would love one of those cakes this morning - yum! I am finding the warmer weather more motivating to get things done also, is nice to be able to enjoy being outdoors. Have a lovely Monday x


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