Friday, October 14

More Pink

How was your day today?  Mine was a usual Friday, getting the housework done so on the weekend we can have fun and not worry about boring things like cleaning and washing.

Last night I finished off the pillows, not sure if I should have though.  I was tired, in a bit of a mood I still am a bit and not really into crafting. It started yesterday when I cut the fabric the wrong size, not a major problem the pillow case will be a bit small and look a bit more puffy.  Then last night I ironed on the applique the wrong way so one of the fabrics is side on now.  In the scheme of things none of this matters, the birthday girl tomorrow won't notice but I tend to be a bit critical of my work and just want it to look good.  Lately I've been thinking about whether to give my handmade gifts away.  Often they don't get used which makes me a bit sad but once you give a gift you just have to not worry about what happens to it I suppose.  I will still make things for Christmas, simple things but after Christmas I think I might use my energy for my family and for those who I know really love handmade.  Sorry for the rambling.  I know that  this isn't the worst thing to happen and probably quite trivial but it's just what's been on my mind lately and thought I'd share.

On a positive note though I thought I would share a quote with you that I know I will remind myself of each day.

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.

May your Saturday be a sunny one


  1. I know exactly what you mean about creating things only for those who you know will appreciate them and it's funny, I was looking at your beautiful cards yesterday on your post and thinking 'I hope that whoever gets these appreciates all the time and hard work that goes into making them' :) After making grace's quilt, I've realised I don't mind making things for my family members but other than that, i'd have to know someone would really appreciate something I made to give it away, but as you say, I guess once a gift is given, you have to not worry about that. Enjoy your weekend, I'm glad your housework is out of the way so you can enjoy your Saturday x

  2. I know, it's a sad fact that many people don't appreciate handmade (not sure how people can prefer cheaply made, poor quality mass produced items but anyhow..). I once slaved away a whole Saturday making toddler pants for a 1st birthday I was going to. A few months ago the pants were given back to me for Violet and I know they weren't worn at all. I now only make handmade for family or friends that I know will appreciate it. So I do know how you feel.
    The cushion is a lovely gift for a girls bedroom. Looks pretty perfect to me.

  3. Kate (fox lane) was posting about this earlier this year - what disturbs me about this is that you actually know that they aren't being appreciated...some people really don't understand what goes into things do they? You're right though yo really need to not worry once you have given it away...I think people are very lucky to get your gifts they are so lovely xxx

  4. very cute pillow!!!

  5. Unless birthday girl has the same eye as you, i'm sure your little mishap with the applic. won't be noticed. You create the most wonderful gifts, I can see how much you put into what you do. I'm very selective these days who I put the effort into, and who gets a gift voucher!!! Hope your weekend is special. Jane x

  6. The pillow looks gorgeous - and only you would notice any small imperfections.

    It's so hard when people don't appreciate handmade gifts - but it does make it all the more special when you see one of your gifts being adored and used by those who do! And for sure family will adore them!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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