Tuesday, November 22

Handmade Christmas Ideas

I know most of us would like to just forget that Christmas is coming, with so many things to do it can get a bit overwhelming.  Sometimes I find, other than the motivation, the most difficult part can be deciding what to give. So to help with the deciding I've been bookmarking some handmade gift ideas for the females in our lives.  If you aren't the crafty type there are some great sites like etsy and made it with lots of handmade gifts to choose from or visit a weekend market.
●A gift in a jar is a novel idea and handy because the jar is reusable. When my oldest daughter said her teacher liked to scrapbook I thought I would get a collection of materials and put them in a jar for her.  I included buttons, string and twine, tags, sticker gemstones and brads. I love to paper craft so I used some things I had in my stash so the gift was quite affordable.

●I think most of us find a little purse useful to keep all sorts of things.  I found this great tutorial for making a felt zipper purse that is super sweet and has excellent picture instructions.

●Or maybe this handy little notebook with a pencil, some paper clips and some pretty washi tape would be appreciated by a teacher.

●For those who enjoy reading, this fabric bookmark tutorial is a lovely handmade gift idea.  If you don't know what this person enjoys reading you could add a gift voucher with it or maybe a nice magazine.

●Most of us have a Christmas tree, a set of handmade decorations would be a loved addition to their tree.  Each year they put them up they would remember the thoughtful gift given. I love this clay tag tutorial.

●Or maybe you love to bake so why not try making some gingerbread.

●To help with those aches and pains a heat pack is a great gift and they always come in handy.

I hope that you found some inspiration here to help you with your Christmas list


  1. What a great list of ideas Catherine - thanks!

  2. Thank you! I've been waiting for you to come out with a list! Keep them coming :).

  3. Great ideas Catherine.
    I've pinned the clay tags - they are so sweet.

  4. This is a very inspirational list Catherine...I love the gifts in a jar and those tags are fab!!

  5. i love crafting. these ideas are wonderful catherine. and the jar is such a nice idea for the teacher. xo.

  6. Thanks for the great suggestions Catherine, I am hoping to make some hand made gifts this year and I love the idea of gifts in a jar. xx

  7. Great ideas, I love the 'heat pack' and will certainly make a couple for 2 old ladies: I didn't know what to give them!

  8. what a sweet little list you made, thanks for sharing Catherine.The internet is such an endless source of inspiration!We just need a "craft retreat" now before Xmas :) x

  9. What a lovely gift for your daughter's teacher seeing as she's into scrapbooking. I like the decoration idea too x


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