Monday, November 21


on my lounge is my little girl who came home early.  She feels fine now, a nice little rest made her feel better.
on my desk is some test stitching using my machine. I thought I might stitch on the marble bags using the machine instead of hand sewing.
on my kitchen bench is some freshly baked banana bread with lemon icing.

on my fridge is my menu for the week and lots of pretty artwork.
on my dining table is some mini bunting cut up for my older girl to make her Christmas cards for school, Friday is her last day.

Did you have a good day?

This week my blog is being featured over at the at the Decorating Forum.  Thank you Julie-Ann for having me.  You can see my feature this week here along with other Australian blogs.


  1. You had me at the banana bread!!

  2. mmmmm that banana bread I can almost taste it from here x

  3. Congrats on the little feature.
    Glad a little rest was all she needed!
    Is school really finished already? We have weeks to go (I hope)

  4. My goodness they seem to finish school so early in the year. I hope your little girl is feeling better. Somehow I think the banana bread will help in the recovery lol.
    Thanks for letting us feature you on the Decorating Forum:)

  5. That bunting looks adorable. I hope you'll show us the finished product. Thank you so much for your sweet card Catherine. A lovely surprise.

  6. Oooh, that banana bread looks delish, and I think I'm coming to your house for meals all week haha :)
    Library day here, then some sewing, then some air drying clay crafting, followed by stories - a lovely day thankyou x

  7. Your banana bread looks delicious and your week's meals all sound great too - a great range of dishes. Congratulations on being featured at the Decorating Forum x

  8. Congratulations on being featured on the Decorating Forum!
    You're blog oozes simple, elegant style.
    I'm kinda drowning in my own chaos at the moment. I'll get my head above water soon enough.

  9. i love the look of that bunting and icing on banana yum. have a lovely day catherine. xo.

  10. I made banana bread this week too love it, though would really like your lemon icing sometime. I wish I could sew like you, you are amazingly talented. Will pop over and check that site out, thanks for sharing have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always wendy

  11. I found you via the Decorating Forum and I am so glad I popped over. Lots of lovey ideas and the banana bread looks so delicious I can almost taste it. I hope your little girl is okay too. Fee x


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