Thursday, November 10

In my creative space

today I've been making some cards for a baby shower and some birthdays coming up this month.  With these cards out of the way it's time to make, Christmas cards!!  I know it's a scary thought with only 44 days to go, oh my.

To see what other's have been creating stop by here♥ 


  1. I'd be thrilled to get any of these - lovely work Catherine
    Do you make all your own Christmas cards?
    I used to - now I take a photo and let redbubble do the work :-)

  2. So beautiful. I love your style in cards...
    I've put some of mine up for sale in the bookshop I'm working at! Um, none have sold yet but I'm crossing my fingers :)

  3. You always make such amazing and varied cards. You are scaring me with all this talk of Christmas though as I am so completely not prepared! melx

  4. I really like that simple card with the three flowers on it. I have lots of things I'm hoping to get done in time for Christmas too but don't know how much I'll achieve - first up are some gift tags...

  5. VERY pretty cards! How come mine are always clumsy?


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