Monday, November 7

Making and Baking

The motivation to make and bake came over me yesterday and today.  
So yummy things were baked and another washcloth for a baby gift was made.  
It felt good to get things done, to check something off the list and to have special treat for dessert.
I hope I can keep the momentum up with lots of things to get done for Christmas, it's not far away now.
Did you have a good weekend?


  1. the motivation took over I think, what wonderful wares!

  2. ooh those muffins look delicious! A baking weekend for the both of us! That pie looks a bit fancier than mine though, very pretty!

  3. gosh!! i love the look of that pie and the fresh garden vegetables. how lovely. xo.

  4. Oh, I haven't been here for so long. It all looks so lovely, I love those carrots, are they from your garden? Gorgeous!

  5. i love it when that happens... i whipped up two pots of soup, yoghurt, bread, a cake and a vegie frittata in a few hours last week - and then i didnt have to cook for the rest of the week! haha! awesome!

    Kel x

  6. my momentum is not so good, more like a hamster running in a little circle. have had a little milo vest cast on my needles for a month. as the time ticks to the end of the next month have a feeling etsy will be our father christmas this year! x ashley

  7. Well done!Oh yes it is all coming fast can you send motivation here this week :)I may need her help lol xx


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