Tuesday, November 8

 I was supposed to help with reading today but the teacher was away so I  headed straight home to get on with one of my jobs for the day cooking for the lunches.  It was all going well the biscuits were cooked, then I pulled the coconut orange cake out of the oven and noticed it was sunken in the middle.  No problem it's happened before I'll just fill it up with icing.  When I tried to get out the cake it stuck and when it came away it broke into pieces grrr.
I took a deep breath did some googling to find a whole orange cake recipe and found Rhonda's whole orange cake recipe and whipped it up just in time to go and pick up the girls from school.  Truly it's very easy and it turned out too which is even better.
Definitely a good go to recipe to make when short of time or have a cooking disaster and need something quick. Have you had a recent cooking disaster you'd like to share?

Have a wonderful Wednesday


  1. Ummm...I can't believe that I haven't any recent disasters.
    My only problem was going to make a peppermint slice this week only to find the Doc had gobbled up the peppermint crisps!
    I love whole orange cakes

  2. Lots of yummy baking going on at your place! ...Making my mouth water!


  3. Hi Catherine. your baking looks great. will try the orange cake recipe. What a shame your cake sunk. I hope you used it as a good excuse to put the kettle on and sit down to much all the little broken bits. only recent failure was a batch of my melting moments which i left in the oven a few minutes too many and they got a little bit burnt! i did try and women's weekly cinnamon tea cake on the weekend. very easy and extremely delicious. next to try is the coconut cake. says she who was cutting out sugar! have a lovely day. Jane x

  4. Oh yumbo!! I can smell the home baking from here, delicious, love Posie

  5. Oh Catherine your baking looks delicious:) I love orange cake I did some orange cupcake but I was not fully happy with them a bit hard...I may have to try Rhonda recipe with GF flour and perhaps mixing almond meal?Maybe I a setting myself for an upcoming disaster lol! xx

  6. I've used Rhonda's recipe before- only I thin kI substituted lemons. It was delicious. How good you are to redo it! I would have just suffered and eaten crumbs! : ) Thanks for the kind words yesterday! xx m.

  7. O dear it is one my hubby and I often remember, I was making lemon meringue pie and the whites of the eggs would just not stiffen no matter how much I would beat them hubby tried and no luck so we ate the pie without it. These look wonderful my friend.

    Always Wendy

  8. I bet your house smells divine with all the baking going on. x


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