Thursday, December 29

It's a favourite spot for us to visit over the holidays.  The exhibitions on at the art gallery this holiday season are truly magical for the little and big girls.  If only I could just touch it, I think that's what Miss 7 was thinking when she walked through this magical land, it was amazing to see.
And the spots, I love spots.  It was lots of fun sticking spots around the room, in places you wouldn't normally be allowed to do.
A bit of lunch, a walk back to the car along the river and then practising a new skill, bike riding, I think she may have just mastered it.
Holidays are special times to be able to be together without stress and pressure, I'm savouring these moments


  1. A lovely fantasy land and a great day out lovely photos

  2. How lovely. We are also spending lovely family time together. Sohail is doing all the cooking and I am getting a chance to get the sewing machine out!

  3. Sounds a lovely day out together. I would love sticking spots too :)

  4. Looks like you are having a lovely time this holidays!

  5. Were you at GOMA on the 29th? We were too. A scheduled power failure had us turning our day into one of fun. We loved the exhibits, went back after lunch as they were pretty busy. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas too.


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