Tuesday, December 27


So Christmas eve was a late night for us here I think we turned the lights out at around midnight then the footsteps on the floor woke me at oh I think 2:30am!  Then it started all again at 6:30am but the adults didn't get out of bed till 7am, the girls were having lots of fun with their stocking gifts.  A drive to my brother in laws for lunch, lots of eating, talking, present unwrapping and cousins playing is how we spent Christmas day.  It was a long, fun day and we were all full and very tired so on the menu Sunday night was toasted sandwiches, there wasn't any room for anything else.
The last couple of days has been quiet, a picnic lunch in the yard, lots of painting with new watercolours and making plaster fridge magnets. And for some reason I'm on a mission to de-clutter, clearing out things that we no longer use, clothes that are too small and can be passed onto someone else who will get some more use out of them and uniforms that we don't need anymore since Miss 7 is going to a new school.  It feels good to clear and clean out, things feel fresh and renewed which is a good when a new year is almost here.

Have you got any plans for your New Years evening?  We haven't planned anything we're usually pretty quiet here. Last year though we had dinner with the in laws and then headed into the city just in time to see the fireworks at midnight then went home, it was a great way to see it in with the girls without being overcome with all the crowds.

I hope you are enjoying slow, quiet days after the rush that was Christmas


  1. It looks like you had a such a lovely Christmas. It's such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? We are also taking it easy around here.

    We are planning a new years day brunch at home with the children. We will spend new years eve thinking about our intentions for 2012 and then, the next day, we will read them out loud, one by one, before stepping through a door and lighting a sparkler to welcome in the new year and solidify our intentions. We will then have a lovely meal to celebrate the new year. I don't like the whole crowd thing anymore :).

  2. We usually have a big party but this year we are going to someone else's party, it will be a quiet one as Angus and I have Bunning's BBQ duty on NYD!

  3. I love the time after the crazy rushing where the kids sit back and enjoy their gifts. Hope you are getting to put your feet up a bit too!

  4. I am enjoying a bit of relaxation too, the children are all busy with their friends back to Florence for the festivities and I can have some quiet time (unless they all come to dinner, like yesterday: they emptied my refrigerator!).
    On New Years Eve I have no plans, I enjoy going to bed early, waking into a new year, going for a walk with no hangover because I do not drink any more!

  5. Happy belated Christmas!! It looks like you all had a wonderful day with your extended family and are enjoying these days together. I too am on a bit of a decluttering and sorting mission - am starting in Sophie's room with all Grace's old clothes at the moment :)


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