Thursday, December 15

I'm still busy making, still not quite organised I hope I'm not sewing the night before like I was last year.  I think next year I have to start a list early, be a bit more strict with myself and begin Christmas in October.  I know I keep saying the same thing, I just hope it all sinks in this time. (lol)
So over the last couple of days I got that cushion sewn,
some headbands for girls made.  You can find the tutorial here if you'd like to make some.
And I made a set of Christmas cards.

The girls have been busy too.  Today they made some gingerbread men. I'm looking forward to another one tonight with a cup of tea, shhh.
And then tonight we listened to carols and made some paper snowflakes. 

I've been trying to keep everyone busy, we've all had the grumps a bit here lately. I'm a bit of a homebody and love not going out much but I think the girls might have had enough this week so I'll need to venture out soon. So I'm doing some planning for next week, a trip to Grandma's and a play date with friends,  I think that should keep us all happy.


  1. Wow, you always seem to get up to so many lovely things. I love the headbands. Where did you get the plain headband for the inside?

  2. Love the headbands. Hope you have an enjoyable week and if all else fails Keep Calm and Sew ON.

  3. You are such a clever cookie!! Those headbands are just lovely!

  4. I promise myself the same thing every years's hoping I get started much earlier next year.
    I do find after a few days of being cooped up at home our children start to get antsy so it's normally a trip to the beach that does the trick :)

  5. those cookies def look so yummy!! and making snow flakes with the kids is always one of my fav thing to do this time of year!!

  6. i can't what to hole up at home in january - but the cabin fever is just too much!

  7. I love all of your creative busyness! Those headbands are adorable! On my to-do list for next year now! I'm with you - I planned to start Christmas in October this year too, but it just didn't happen and I have so much still left to do!


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