Saturday, December 17

I love this time of year for the rituals that we have started.  A dinner date with hubby in the city,  some yummy dessert here and seeing the Christmas sights though there have been some changes. I have noticed this year that as Miss 12 is growing up that my Miss 7 is missing out a little, on just being little and enjoying the innocence of this time.  At the moment I am finding that dealing with such very different ages a little challenging.  With one still wanting to play with dolls and collect bugs  the other finds me unfair when I don't give into the pressure of her desire for an ipod touch.  I remind them that I never make a choice to hurt them even though that may be how they feel, I know that they will understand one day.
A birthday card for my nephew
A birthday card for my niece
I enjoy being a parent very much, with those challenges that face us at times, there are many more great times to be had.  Like being with family, celebrating the twin cousins birthday and playing on scooters in the park.  These are the great things about being a parent and these are the times I cherish.


  1. The rituals are really important aren't they - I feel like I'm building up a bank of beautiful memories for them
    Lovely post Catherine

  2. I like your phrase 'I enjoy being a parent etc...'.
    Yes, being a parent is very rewarding, difficult at times, but always fullfilling. And to my amazement I discovered that whatever our children's age, is is alwayes great to be their parent.
    And yes, one day they will understand (I hope)!

  3. Any age gap has it's problems, Catherine. you might find that the girls 'grow apart' for a little while before finding each other again in adulthood. Either way, with you for a mum they will always feel cared for. Merry Christmas to you! x

  4. PS - I love those cards! Such care and happiness loaded into each one? x

  5. Catherine, this is the sort of post I'd want to read again in a few years time. Here, it's Miss 3 year old 'verses' the baby and guess what her latest phrase is - NOT FAIR MUM :) Already!!

    You strike me as such a devoted, patient and accepting parent and you're right - they will understand one day. We all need to remember that.

  6. I can so relate to this Catherine, ours are 18/17/13/9/2 with our daughter bang smack in the middle. It is hard catering to all their individual needs but we do the best we can :)

  7. The city at night is amazing - we can't do that these days. Great cards - I always struggle with that age group. My Brother and Sister-In-Law have 3 kids, 7 years apart between each and it is a struggle. But I think it teaches a lot too.

  8. Love going into the city especially at Christmas time, love catching with you always something wonderful happening.
    Sending you special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012

    Always Wendy

  9. very cute pics!! def loving the first pic you shared. and that tree is amazing!!

  10. Love seeing your big girls still enjoying that teeny train- we are going tomorrow night.I expect that all age gaps have their tricky times, we have had a really rough time until very very recently so i am trying to savour every moment that is peaceful. melx

  11. I love that rocket card and your family rituals sound fantastic. Miss M's belief in CHristmas is wonderful too
    so lovely that you all encourage it with such rituals. We are just moving into those changes and already I am feeling streched too - i am sure you are making decisions that are perfectly right for your girls - you are a wonderful mum.

  12. Oh I totally share the struggle that the 11 (nearly 12 year old) pressure is bringing into my life Catherine.I am not sure I am handling with so much of your grace! It is soooo hard for me with no family around! sob sob...But yes I am looking forward to a brighter future (if we still talk to each other lol)xx


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