Monday, January 2


Happy New Year!!!  Did you have a good night?  We had a night in with a roast lamb for dinner and butterscotch self saucing pudding for dessert.  We talked about what we would like for ourselves for the coming year and enjoyed our own personal fireworks, sparklers which I enjoyed playing with too.  Then when the girls were tucked in their beds, hubby and I enjoyed watching Retro Rage.  I know not too exciting for some but for us who won't let the girls watch video clips it was a novelty.  I found though the scary thing about the 'Retro' music we were watching, was that it was the music I watched when I was in high school! Yes I am showing my age, but 'retro' really I'm not that old. It was fun just the same sitting up and watching it though.

The days that have followed have been spent at home, tidying up the garden and enjoying the sunshine.  Having Miss 12's friends coming over to hang out and watching them have fun cooking in the kitchen. And tonight I'm going to try and make a start with some crochet for me, I'm keen make a few things for me this year and to use the cotton yarn I've had sitting in my cupboard.

How has the start of your new year been?


  1. Happy 2012 Catherine! Im just enjoying having my man home, with no need to be anywhere or do anything....its been lovely!

    Cant wait to see what you are crocheting...enjoy!

  2. We too enjoyed a quiet night in with our children...and have been moving between home and the beach the last few days. It's been bliss!

    Happy New Year Catherine.


  3. Happy new year! It looks lovely and warm there. Happy crocheting. Can't wait to see what you've made xx

  4. We spent the afternoon at a local park with friends and then had a last minute invite to another friends house for a quiet glass of champagne. I was up at 6am the next day for work so it was a calm night and I was the driver. No hangovers for me the next day but so so tired!!! Looking forward to a wonderful 2012!

  5. Happy new year to you Catherine. Love your list of goals to strive for, you are one person I strongly believe WILL actually follow through on these. So looking forward to see what crochet projects you will be whipping up. I am working out my 2012 list now, just a little late but getting there. melx

  6. A quiet night with the family sounds perfect to welcome the New Year in.Im still mulling over my commitments for the coming year and wondering how to fit everything in, for the present just trying to keep cool, garden watered and guests comfortable.
    Im hoping to learn to crochet this year too,have been so inspired by other bloggers and what they have been making. Cheers!

  7. we went to the neighbours and she had gotten a pizza stone oven for christmas. she set up a table of ingredients and had pre-made pizza dough waiting. everyone made different pizzas and drank wine. it was awesome, and i totally want a pizza stone oven now. happy new year may it be filled with magic. x

  8. We had a quiet night in on New Years Eve too and were in bed by 10 like Nanas :) Lots of time spent pottering and gardening here too. Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family x


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