Monday, January 16

This weekend

there has been the start of a cubby house makeover, first stage paint purple
a delivery of school books waiting for me to cover ready for school next week
a haircut for both of the girls so they're looking their best for the new school year
breathing in the fresh air at my Mum and Dad's property
How was your weekend?


  1. Isn't first term full on! We too have been organising supplies, uniforms and haircuts :)
    Love the cubby house! Very cozy :)

  2. Just finished a reno on our playhouse too- was so much fun (for me anyway!!!). Yours looks fab :) Good luck covering all those books, my eldest starts school this year so that will be me soon.

  3. I used to love choosing contact to cover my new school books when I was a little girl :) How much longer left of holidays? Glad you had a nice weekend away. Ours was mostly spent at home apart from a family birthday afternoon tea yesterday x

  4. Love the cubby! Your pile of books to be covered sent shivers down my spine as i hate covering shocking at it and my patience runs thin after the first 5!!
    I went shopping for new uniforms for my teen as she heads into yr 11 this year and is therefore starting her senior years...very scary!

  5. Wow your two are almost at school already? Time flies.
    I am loving the look of your parents house Catherine, it looks like the perfect getaway :)

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Lovely pics too, especially like the last one of that gorgeous property :-)

  7. Your mum and dads property looks devine! I love the ocean but I do admit to missing the wide open spaces of the county. Glad your well, I havent been aorund much lately :)

  8. Love the cubby! My goodness that is a lot of books. I've been doing our Kindy shopping, fully aware that next year it will be a much bigger deal! My parent's used to have a rural property and I know how special breathing that fresh air really is. Hope your week isn't too crazy with the preparations for the start of the school year.

  9. Oh Catherine! Your cubby is sensational. Your girls are lucky ducks. J x

  10. what a gorgeous looking cubby house. penny would love that! and your mum and dad's property looks superb. beautiful countryside. xo

  11. Ah, lovely! The cubby house looks so bright and cheerful. How fun :)

  12. What a lovely weekend my friend. We have enjoyed some special days by the beach. Your parents property looks amazing. Our little ones go back this week too will miss them not being around.

    Always Wendy


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