Wednesday, February 15

My Place and Yours - On the wall

My mother in law is a wonderful crafter.  She sews including making my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses; she knits; crochets and her favourite is cross stitch.  So we have many cross stitches adorning our walls.  This one is in Miss 12's room.
And this is in Miss 8's bedroom.
And this one sits high up in the dining room.
This is a new mirror for Miss 8's room for her birthday, matching her sister's mirror given on her birthday.
Our wedding day, many years ago now.
If you want to play along stop by Vic's she'd love to see you


  1. Good golly, those cross stitches are amazing!! They look like paintings. I'm actually about to start a little cross stitch owl for Sophie's room to match Grace's but your mother-in-laws pieces put my little one to shame!! :) I love that wedding shot too, a nice natural shot. Hope you're having a good week so far xx

  2. I do everything BUT cross stitch that in a way eludes me. Therefore I am in awe in fornt of your MIL skill, terrific!

  3. I haven't visited you for ages, Catherine! It's just so nice to be here. Your wedding photo makes me feel all loved up - something particularly special in the way you are guiding each other. Love. x

  4. Lovely Pictures what a lucky little girl to have such a pretty room.

  5. Those cross stitches are astounding. how lucky for you to have such an inspiration in the family. melx

  6. I just love love love that mirror in Miss 8's room. It reminds me of the one I had in my room as a child - except mine was red.
    WOW - how much detail is in those cross stitch. Amazing.
    Great wedding photo too..
    You've got some lovely walls there Catherine.

  7. Wow they are amazing love your wedding photo too. So lovely to catch up again I have enjoyed looking back over your posts I have missed far too many. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  8. All of the glimpses into your home are beautiful and the cross stitches are wonderful! Love the mirror too.

  9. You did such a beautiful job with the mirrors, lucky girls!

  10. oh my all that work that went into those cross stitched fairies...amazing.

  11. The mirror looks great white
    Beautiful walls :-)


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