Monday, February 13

This weekend

A visit to the library
The big girl and Molly just hanging out
Warm apple tea cake with ice cream for afternoon tea made by Miss 12
We don't do much for Valentines Day but I enjoy making a card for my hubby to tell him I love him
Idea for the card found here
Some much needed couple time, a walk along the river and lunch
Cute spiders
How was your weekend?


  1. Some great book titles there..makes me want to read...i love a trip to the library...such fun looking through a new 'stash'!
    Some yummy looking treats there and what a beautiful handmade card!
    What is this 'couple time' you speak of though lol!!
    We tried a trip to the beach with the twins...which one loved and the other was terrified of....they have to be different!!

  2. miss 12 does a delicious looking tea cake and your card is too sweet. looks like a lovely weekend. xo

  3. The apple tea cake looks delish and such a good idea for an afternoon snack! x

  4. Lovely photos of your weekend. I agree, the apple tea cake does look delicious.

  5. ohh love the pile of books and that card is just tooo cute for words....we don't do much for VD either...but the thought of a few words sounds perfect x

  6. Mine was less exciting but I feel like I'm moving forward - that's got to be good yeah?

  7. The card is so cute, I would love you for ever if you had made it for me!

  8. Right, where do I start....
    You had me very interested in the book at the top of the pile so I had a sticky beak for myself. Might need to get my hands on that one.
    The cheese and vegemite rolls look downright yummy...
    and to call spiders cute - well, I'll need to have a private word with you about that ;)

  9. It looks like a great weekend, I should get myself to the library to see what crafting books I can get there. Enjoy your valentines day. I did a special breakfast for my family last year, but this year, I am feeling a bit flat with no inspiration :(.

  10. Your weekends always seem lovely
    I think the card is perfect!

  11. Cute spiders? - eek!

    Love your card. I'm holding out my "love" themed card ideas for our anniversary later this month. That meal looks divine!

  12. you always make me want to go and eat really healthily. I need to be more organised in menus. Thank you for the inspiration xx

  13. Yum! I'm coming to your place for dinner! Great photos and food looks so delicious! Love "The Handmade Marketplace" - reading it here in Australia...
    Happy Happy to you!

  14. The cheese scrolls are the girls favourite for the lunch box, we had the same inspiration for the card but I ran out of time trying to make it on the 14th :)
    I prefers yours :)


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