Thursday, February 9


 I didn't have a big list of jobs to do today but only one ended up getting done, filing.  It's been on the list for a couple of weeks, getting moved from day to day to the point where I didn't even put it on the list anymore.  The filing though has been staring at me whenever I open up my wardrobe so today it got ticked off the list, finally.
Filing isn't bad really if your folders are in order but mine needed a bit of a clean up and throw out. It didn't stop there though I tidied up the girls craft boxes, little Miss 8's container of precious memory treasures I've collected, their boxes of art they've given me that I can't bare to part with and my recipe folder too.
It was a good day, more things have been sorted through and it's a good feeling, when things are organised my brain feels more organised.  Can you tell I'm easily kept happy and a bit pedantic. Was your day more exciting than mine?  What did you get up to?


  1. Oh I love that feeling when everything is sorted and just right.
    We are swamped at the moment.
    It's my project for when they are back at school..

  2. I love that post-organized feeling too! Your recipe cut outs look much like mine which I try to organize about every six months or so. I only did mine last week too. Your folders look very neat and reader friendly.

  3. I love it when you can get organised...especially the recipe folders...they are an ongoing labour of love aren't they?
    Looks like a very productive day to me!
    Love all your magazines lined up...mine were too until i used them for the girls stuff, lol!

  4. I love that feeling when everything is 'just so' and nice and tidy and ordered. Filing is one of those huge jobs that I put off too, until the clutter basket on my bench begins overflowing :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Catherine xx

  5. Well done Catherine! I am totally with you I need order to function :)I did our bedroom wardrobe!! Yay :) Next the craft room :)Have a great weekend xx

  6. Oh, I would love to have everything filed away on a regular basis. I put it off and I put it off, until I have a stack of stuff that I just move from one room to the other. But boy, doesn't it feel good once you've done it. You're right. I ought to remind myself of that feeling when I next decide to put it off for another day...

  7. Nothing makes me happier than getting organised either, Catherine! Who needs excitement anyway.


    I'm off to do a little organising myself.


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