Friday, March 9


It's been a while since I've shown you anything in the garden, it's actually been a while since I've even done any gardening.  Between the weather being too hot, the rain, everyday life and recent family emergencies I just have not been bothered.  Instead of the sewing I needed to do yesterday I thought I would get outside in the fresh air and the sunshine and get in my garden.

I weeded and mulched a small garden we have just near the back of the house.  I love this garden, the plants we chose always do so well there and it's one of the few gardens I've had to replace plants in too.

And the seedlings I bought last week have finally made their way to the vegetable patch and pot, hopefully they spring up a little bit.
But there is still lots to get done, like mow through this jungle we have and lots more weeding.  How is your garden growing at the moment?

Have a lovely weekend


  1. Hello Catherine
    Gardening is always therapeutic for me - hope it was for you too.
    My garden is sorely in need of some love - but its swampy and boggy and not very inviting.
    Our first sunflower bloomed today though - so that was exciting
    Hope your weekend is lovely

  2. Our grass looks a lot like yours and my vegie patch is suffering a little after the wierd weather and i just haven't been getting out there to be honest!
    i love those shady, tropical type plants and their colours...looks like you did a great tidy up job!

  3. Love the last shot, it really shows the awesomeness of your yard. A few weeks back I could see some tall bits of grass out the toilet window - now that's a BIG worry!!

  4. Hasn't all this weather made our gardens out of control? we just keep weeding and mowing to no end and it still looks like a prairie. I have been rewarding myself with a few plants for all the hard work. melx

  5. Time spent in the Garden is time well spent on the soul. Autumn's arrived in our garden, first yellow crocus,ripe apples and cold nights...........

  6. Fresh air, sunshine and gardening... so very good for the soul.

  7. ahh, my poor garden. the west coast heat wave has meant that no plants could survive without 100% attention, wish i had the time. have just laid the veggie patch to rest for a while with fresh compost and manure.
    am getting some pots done up in the meantime. planted a passionfruit and a few pots of mint yesterday. we love green in our world.
    your seedlings look very promising, x ashley

  8. I like being able to potter in the garden too and have lots of plans for things I want to plant here at the moment. However, it's just been so very hot in Perth that it's too hot to spend too long outdoors and if I pruned or planted anything new, they would just shrivel. I'm eager to plant some flowers and seeds I have but am hanging out for the weather to start cooling off a bit before I do.

    Your garden above looks very healthy. The plants in your blue pots must really love that shady spot.


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