Monday, March 12

On the weekend

we enjoyed celebrations at school and a birthday celebration
there was a cooking competition to watch
I tried my hand at braiding(there's lots of hairspray in there lol), utube is great to learn almost anything isn't it
some homemade muffins to take on a visit to my parents home
wishing I didn't have to say goodbye to the day in the country
and a fun win for the big girl, a colouring in competition at our local video shop.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh those braids! It's when I see the little everyday things, like doing a little girls hair, that I am a teeny bit sad not to have a pink one! Well done to big girl on winning the colouring competition, she must be so proud! xx

  2. Those braids looks so pretty!! I'm so glad i've had two girls like you so I can do their hair like that when they're older :) Congratulations on your big girl winning the colouring in competition - how exciting and what a great prize! x

  3. Awesome plaits!!!
    Great win too :)

  4. Sound like a happy and fun weekend Catherine, love the plaits and prize too!Congratulations to your bigger miss! :)

  5. How special winning a colouring comp!!!I so wish i could braid...miss teen does it well herself now but i never mastered the art...shocking mother, lol!

  6. Sounds like a fun family weekend to me! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. I love to read about your weekends. Much more quieter here!


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