Tuesday, April 3

A little Sunshine

Drawing by Miss 8
I am lucky to have been given the sunshine award by Ashley over at Piper and Poppies, thank you for thinking of me and sending some sunshine my way.  Ashley has a lovely blog sharing snippets of her her sweet home and even sweeter little girl.  I thought I would play a little differently this time and share ten random things about me just in case you want to know;)

1. When I was nine years old I went to hospital to remove a benign tumour from my right leg.
2. My goal when I left school was to become a pharmacist but sadly my high school chemistry knowledge was lacking in a big way.
3. If there was one thing that I could do well it would be to dance, like those wonderful dancers  on shows like 'So you think you can dance'.
4. I have never been drunk.  I know boring, boring but for me, certain life experiences made me choose this direction.
5. Many years ago now I made the scary discovery of a break and enter in my own home.  I had dropped off Miss 3 now Miss 12 at daycare, went shopping and returned home to my back door open.  I walked through the house and found two young men in my room at the front of the house going through my drawers.  I fortunately had my brave pants on that day and told them to leave the house and thankfully they did and then I broke down in tears later.
6.  One of my favourite sports I learnt to play was Squash.  I would ride my bike up to our local centre on a Saturday morning, pay my way, have a drink and a packet of chips (Samboy Salt and Vinegar) and then ride back home.
7.  My first bike was a  yellow dragster my Dad picked up second hand but my favourite bike of all was the red Repco 10 speed racer I picked out for my 12th birthday.
8. I got my drivers license in a country town with no sets of lights, don't fear I am a good driver and had my required amount of lessons.
9. Berries of all types are a favourite of mine but my childhood favourite would have to be mulberries.
10. And 10 is the amount of years that I have been living in my current abode.  We took six months of many long hours renovating to make it our home and over the time we've been here it has continued to evolve.  I'm sure we could spend another 10 years renovating, that's the thing about old homes they are never really done but I love it with it's gaps and creaks all the same.

Have a terrific Tuesday my friends


  1. It's always lovely learning more about our bloggy friends :)
    I can relate to #5..I was 6 months pregnant with our first and went home one night to intruders, in my case they started chasing me. Luckily my parents lived 10 mins away and I ran like I have never run before.

  2. your not boring catherine! despite the part about your break and enter, it is lovely to read more about blog friends. xo.

  3. Congratulations on the award Catherine, I loved reading more about you and I am so impressed with your bravery. That would have been a horrible experience. xx

  4. Hey I enjoyed reading those interesting things about you....sounds like you ahve had some important turning points along the way. x

  5. Now those are interesting little snippets! Goodness - tumor in your leg at aged nine! Actually seeing your intruders! Goodness!

  6. Congratulations on your award Catherine. As for #4, I've never been drunk either - I've been tipsy but never what I would call drunk :) And I think what you say about renovating homes is so true, I don't think we'll ever be 'finished' as there will always be something we want to change, or buy or try :) That's part of the fun of having your own little 'nest' :)

  7. Oh my goodness... finding intruders in your home would be horrifying. I don't even want to think about it. You sure did have your brave pants on.

  8. Nice to know a little more about you, I like how you speak of your home.

  9. Very interesting reading, sounds like you were very brave facing up to the intruders! I know what you mean about old houses, there is always something that needs doing.


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