Friday, June 1

Life has been quietly busy this week.
There has been daily trips to school,  a trip to cheer leading and girl guides.
Discovering a little girl in bed sleeping with her school uniform already on. She was up ready nice and early this morning, it's always good to be prepared.
I've had some good chats with my friends.
I've had my weekly call to my Nan.
There has been lots of productivity in the garden.  We've got tomatoes, capsicum, beetroot, broccoli, lettuce, beans, snowpeas, zucchini, kale, silverbeet and spinach.  I'm looking forward to some homegrown produce.
A little crochet dishcloth made.
And some lunch treats created.
The weekend is here and I can't wait, no plans just hanging out with my family.
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Those treats look yummo!

    Unfortunately, health issues plague our place again. It will be a trying two weeks for us. I'll be doing lots of cardmaking I think, to distract me!!

  2. Looks like you will have lots of yummy treats from the garden soon! Those balls do look awfully nice too though! Have a nice weekend Catherine xx

  3. Hi Catherine. how nice you still have your Nan to talk to. Mine have both moved on and I miss them so much. Your garden is looking good. I bought some seedlings a few days ago and some more mulch, so that's tomorrow morning taken care of. Hope you have a happy weekend hanging out with your loved ones. Jane x

  4. I am jealous of your vege garden Catherine.

    Have a lovely weekend. xxoo

  5. Lovely pics of your garden. So good to see fresh green life. And is that red russian kale I can see?

  6. Your veg garden looks great and very healthy! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  7. How cute to sleep in her uniform - maybe the girl guides really have taught her to be prepared?
    Gorgeous garden.
    Enjoy your weekend x

  8. Often the best plans are the ones that are unstructured to just relax with family. I love the way you edged your dishcloth in a contrasting color. And your little seedlings look so sweet! Have a happy weekend!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend!

  10. Oh you've inspired me, that veggie patch is looking so good. When this rain stops, its time to get my green thumb back!

  11. How cute sleeping in bed with a school uniform... and my my your garden sounds terrific. Yummo!!!

  12. So jealous of your veggie garden. Mine is sitting bare and empty. You've inspired me to think about filling it again!

  13. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    I am very impressed with the healthy state of your greens Catherine...I am still not having much luck with our garden.
    Those lunch box treats look mighty delicious :)
    We've had a weekend of no plans too, it's been lovely and relaxing.

  14. Your vege garden looks lovely, it's so nice to have home grown veges to enjoy. The lunch box treat looks interesting.

  15. Your vegetable seedlings all look very healthy - how wonderful it will be to have fresh produce to pick in the coming months. How funny is your little one in bed with her uniform!! :) Cute :)


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