Monday, June 4

Saturday I finally stopped the procrastinating, I started crocheting my slippers.  I needed to roll my skein first and found this helpful tutorial.  It's a little messy but it did the trick.  I worked along slowly and finished my slipper but found it was too big so I unpicked not once but twice.
Third time lucky and the first slipper fits just right.  One more slipper to go and some pretty buttons to yet be bought but I have some in mind, some wooden ones I think they should go well with the natural wool colour.
A bit of reading before I need to return this to the library.  I'm really enjoying this photography book, it's nice and easy to read and understand.  Thanks Greer for the tip.
My big girl studying diligently for her Maths exam.  She is putting in so much effort this year, I am so proud of her.
It's been a bit of a lazy weekend of dinners this weekend.  Leftovers on Friday and Saturday night so Sunday I made some fresh pizza.  A nice way to end a quiet weekend at home.
Did you enjoy your first weekend of Winter?

Linking up with Lou again this week. Go check out her blog.


  1. Those slippers look so comfy!

  2. Yes the heater was and I put the rugs out on the couch .... very cosy!
    I love those slippers they are adorable, so much better than my bed socks :)

  3. Those slippers are gorgeous! You are so clever :) I wish I was more crafty...sigh!

    Nothing better (and quicker!) than homemade pizzas - yummo.

  4. Toastie slippers, great food and such a lovely big girl working so hard. Have a lovely week ahead. x

  5. I like those slippers, pizza always a winner at my place except I find I eat way too much of it. My highlight was Saturday, I had my three girls and two of their friends over, it was so nice we baked and ate all afternoon.

  6. Thanks for the link to that tutorial. I've always just wound a crazy messy ball, nothing so tidy as yours. And definitely never centre pull before. I've been very tempted lately to buy a swift. Hmm... PS Glad you liked that book. x

  7. In my corner of the world, it is more like the first summer weekend. Funny to hear about winter, but it is my favorite season, so I am not complaining! ;-) Looks like you delved right into the season's cozy comforts. Great slippers!

  8. comfy slippers + homemade pizza = perfect weekend, in my book ;)sarah

  9. I LOVE your wooly slippers! Wish i can crochet

  10. Such a lovely photo of your big girl :) Yes, it's beginning to getreally chilly here too lately. Our heater has been on every night lately x

  11. I'll have to use that tutorial next time I need to wind wool.
    I have a few crochet slipper patterns and after a few attempts am still yet to make a size that fits.
    Our girl has just sat maths exams too.


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