Wednesday, July 25

A family friendly recipe

It's not easy to eat a salad in this cold weather, I do prefer a warm soup, but my girls are not as keen on vegetables as they are on salads so this week I made us a healthy salad and some homemade chicken nuggets to go with it.  I like to make our salads a little bit different.  I add all of the usual ingredients like lettuce, tomato, cheese and cucumber but love to jazz it up with a few little extras.  So in our salad the other night I added some dried cranberries and goji berries, some mandarin, a sprinkling of hemp seeds and a squeeze of lemon juice, it just makes a salad that bit tastier adding just a few extras.
Another favourite meal are these chicken nuggets that I've made a few times out of the Feeding Fussy Kids cookbook which we ate with the salad. They are simple to make and taste quite yummy dipped in some sweet chilli sauce or tomato sauce.  I promise you that they will become a family favourite.

Chicken Nuggets (I double the recipe)

250 g chicken mince
1 small egg, lightly beaten
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
2 tablespoons plain flour (wholemeal works well too)
2 cups finely crushed wholegrain cornflakes (I didn't double this)
3 tablespoons oil

Combine the chicken mince, egg, sesame seeds, flour and ¼ cup of the crushed cornflakes.
Roll the chicken mince mixture into a small nugget shapes and coat with the remainder of the crushed cornflakes.
Refrigerate the crumbed nuggets for 15 minutes to allow them to become firm.
Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and cook the nuggets over medium heat for about 5 minutes, turning once, or until golden brown and cook through.
Drain on paper towels.

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  1. well that looks delish! i've made homemade nuggets a couple of times, they were a winner. will have to give your 'extra bits' salad a try :)sarah

  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

    Oh those nuggets look good Catherine.
    I am big on adding fruit to our salads too..berries, mango and watermelon when in just makes it that more special I think :)

  3. Home made nuggets is a great idea and I adore fruit in salads. Watermelon, fetta and mint is probably my fav, oh and prawns and mango with cos! xx

  4. I've always made the nuggets with cut up chicken, so am definitely giving this one a whirl. Thanks Catherine!

  5. I'm vegetarian so make lots of soups and salads. Ever so often, I give in and make something for the meat lovers here. The kids got tacos/burritos tonight with seasoned beef. You would think I had given them a pot of gold. :) Have a lovely day. Tammy

  6. Looks very tasty and health. I guess the chicken would work ok using pieces of chicken thigh fillets or breast also. Your salad looks delicious.

  7. Love your salad ideas Catherine! I tend to get a little boring with my salads lately.
    We have made those same nuggets and i actually had some success with them for the toddler twosome...that book is great isn't it?

  8. That salad looks amazing. I have a salad most days - unless it's really cold. Oh, excited to see where I can buy hemp seeds.

  9. I'm struggling a bit with salads whilst it's cooler & we are having heaps of soups. Your salad looks great and love the addition of cranberries:)

  10. I love adding lemon juice to salads. I bit of citrus just makes it more interesting.

  11. I don't mind fruit in salad either, especially when it's pared with chicken. I too prefer soups and other wintery dishes in this weather, but Paul and Grace prefer salad too so I try and balance it out a bit.

  12. Yum Catherine, your foodie photos looks so nice. I love the sound of your salad and I must try the chicken nuggets, Wendy xx


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