Friday, July 27

Food for Thought and Giveaway Winners

A little ladybug on my zucchini plant
I was listening to my regular family morning radio station when I became intrigued by the interview they were having with a guest.  The interview talked about focusing more of your energy on that one thing that you are really good at it might even be something you don't like, the thing that you will be remembered most for.  He spoke of how we are all good at lots of things for me I would consider those things to be card making, cooking, crochet, photography (none of these am I an expert in any way but I enjoy practising them and always learning) and most importantly being a good wife and mother.  These are things I all enjoy but which one will I be remembered for?  I always want to be remembered as a good wife and mother firstly though there will come a day my girls will be all grown and I will always be their mother but my primary job will be different, I also want to be remembered for being me too.  I'm not sure if there will be one big thing that will stand out most about me to others.  I know that over time what I enjoy most and what I dedicate my energy on has changed but I don't know what my one big thing is.  Will I have one big thing, I think I'm still figuring that out. So do you think that there is One B1g Thing that you are good at or that there even needs to be one big thing?  It is an interesting thought though.....

And finally the winners of my birthday blog giveaway are.....
① Amanda from Homely One ( The crochet books and some lovely cotton yarn)
② Sonia from Light Shade of Green (Fun with Stitching and Sew Pretty Homestyle)
At Number 32 (Handmade Living)

Congratulations ladies if you could please send me an email with your address I'll pop your prizes in the mail and thank you to everyone who entered. I also wanted to say a big thank you for all of the birthday wishes you sent my way and all of the positive feedback about my blog, each and everyone made my day.  It's nice to know what keeps you coming back to this little space of mine and to find out what things you'd like to know a little more about so there will be a couple of posts coming up about crochet and photography.

So to my lovely friends I hope that the weekend is a happy one for you♥


  1. what an interesting concept. i think my one big thing would be teaching. My eldest little one talks about having seven talents (i have no idea where he got the idea from!) but i like spreading myself out a little. one big thing is a lot of pressure! congrats to the winners :)

  2. I think I'm like you - I have no idea what my one big thing would be and I'm actually stumped to think what others would highlight as my 'talent'... hmmm... food for thought.

    You have made my day to see I have been one of the winners of your wonderful giveaway. As you know, learning to crochet is something I've been working on slowly for some time now... I can't wait to learn more and to practise more. Thank you so much.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. I'm super-excited! It's my first-ever blog win. Catherine, you are delightful :)

  4. I can't remember where I read it but the quote about, if you want to be in your children's memories you need to spend time with them now (or something along those lines) has really struck a chord with me. I am very conscious about spending quality time playing with them. No idea what my big thing would be though.... maybe it is something that is still to become more apparent? Congratulations to all the winners of your giveaway! xx

  5. An interesting idea, especially in our age of multi-tasking.
    We have the same ladybugs in our garden too, or at least I did a few months ago.

  6. A real thought-provoker, Catherine. I'm still a WIP on that score! And huge congrats to the lucky winners. J x

  7. Hmmm not sure about the One Big Thing....but interesting thoughts . x Have a lovely week. xxx

  8. Love love love that lady bug photo!!! Awesome... love reading your blog in my reader too... thank you!!!

  9. This is really something to think about. It's along the lines of what our legacy will be. Somebodies mother, somebody who was good at cooking, somebody who liked to sew. Makes you wonder. I know I tend to go from one interest to the next, but always coming back to the same things. Cooking, reading, knitting, sewing and gardening. Don't think I could choose just one :)


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