Tuesday, August 28

Party Plans

When I was thinking of the finer party details I really wanted to make sure that I kept in mind I was planning for teenage girls.  The parties that my oldest has gone to have been mostly sleepover parties (which she goes to but doesn't sleepover, I'm a party pooper!!).  At these parties they usually watch a few movies, eat pizza and just hang out.  The  tea party will be going for just a couple of hours but I really wanted to make sure that they could hang out as well as be involved in a couple of activities. So the plan for the party is:

● to play the chocolate game, a big favourite and one I enjoyed playing at my 13th birthday party.
● to keep with the theme of the party I bought some cheap mugs from Spotlight, a few jars of ceramic paint and brushes so they can decorate their own mugs and use them later at home.
● outside under the tree I will lay out the vintage sheet I found at the op shop with a few cushions, some magazines and a basket with some embroidery thread cut and ready for for them to be made into friendship bracelets.  I found this great tutorial, printed it out and laminated it for the girls to follow.
● haven't checked with the big girl but it was suggested that a game of celebrity head might be a bit of fun too.

That's about it for the planning, I'm sure they'll chat away and eat too so that should cover the duration of the party.  To keep costs down when it comes to decorating I've been using mostly scrap fabrics I already had at home just buying a little bit here and there, using party decorations from other parties and jars that I have been collecting will be used as vases and for their take home present.  So to answer the questions on my last post in those jars are ingredients to make cookies.  I used this idea as a gift a little while ago and I thought that girls of this age love to cook, it's affordable and just a little bit different to the usual take home party bag also the big girl thought it was a great idea too so it's a win win idea I thought. I cut a circle and stuck it to the top of the jar, this included the ingredients list and on the thank you tag I wrote a short list of the ingredients still to add and the method.  There are lots of cookie in a jar recipes but I used this one, I did alter it slightly and choose not to add the cranberries only because I couldn't fit them in the jar.  
I hope you are enjoying your day it's been a warm one here I do wish that we got just a little bit of rain, I can't believe I'm asking for rain in Queensland but it's been over a month now since it's rained and it's starting to get a little dry sadly.


  1. This sounds like a gorgeous 13yr old party, I wouldn't mind a birthday party like that myself!

  2. Hi Catherine, it sure is dry here, we haven't had any rain bar a little one particular night, for more than a month as well. My husband works further north though and they have had a few good storms. I love the games and activities you've chosen for the party..should be great.

  3. That sounds like the perfect party for a 13 year old! I'm abig fan of the cookies in a jar concept. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time!

  4. That all sounds just perfect, I bet they will not want to go home. I love the friendship braclet idea, they will be so into that. The cookie jars look great, and very clever of you too.

  5. Thanks for sharing your party planning....there is always room in the party ideas file for our next celebration....which for us will be 14 next year....I agree about sleepover parties we don't do them in our house and also am usually the party pooper mum too.
    I am sure your party is going to go fantastic.

  6. LOVE that gift...what a great and clever idea!

  7. That looks awesome, Catherine. Your girls are so lucky to have such a devoted party planner for a mama. xxx

  8. sounds like your've got it all covered. I love the idea of being under that tree, such a great idea and a nice spot for them to chill and chat :)

  9. The party sounds divine!!!

    I love the jars of cookie mix too - what an awesome idea!!!

    Jodie :)

  10. I'll share our's a bit sleety though!
    Love the sound of the party...and the gift jars are perfect

  11. You have put allot of thought into this 13th, sounds beautiful. I did tea party for my daughters 10th it was lots of fun. I also love your jar to give away to guests, fabulous idea! Hope all goes well.:)

  12. Cookies in a Jar... such a great treat!

    I love the decorating cups idea. So fun and creative.

    Have fun!

  13. Catherine, your ideas all sound amazing!! I loved the chocolate game growing up too :) Your idea of the spot under the tree with magazines and crafting sounds perfect and the take-home thank you gifts are such a great thought! You are so clever, i know who to email when I need party ideas for my girls!!

    Not much rain here lately either and while I'm desperate for spring to arrive, I'm also desperate for the rain to stay around a bit longer to get our dam levels up and to help my garden :)

  14. Cookies in the jar, a great idea for a party farewell gift. You made them so beautifully too.


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