Monday, August 27

How are you? How was your weekend?
Our weekend was a good one, it was full of glitter, her first school dance and boy is she a groover:).
Little bits of love and sweetness in my day.
Full of colour with new plants going in the garden, bringing some spring to our yard and making me smile.
Lots of gardening, tidying, getting those feel good endorphins going and getting a good workout at the same time.
A bit of op shopping.
Party preparations, not much left to do now.
Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more;
whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more;
hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.

Wishing you a wonderful day


  1. Catherine - we are leading parallel lives! We have first eistedffod coming up next weekend and birthday party in 3 weeks - yikes - have to get on to that!
    Hoping you have a super week.

  2. Ooh pretty pastel bunting..I've been making bunting too!
    I like that little proverb. I am going to try hard to fear less and hope more. Have a beautiful week Catherine.

  3. So many pretty pictures, I love the purple and aqua tones and what is inside the lovely decorated pots? I hope that your week will not be too stressful.

  4. I can smell the sweetness of your weekend from here. Have a super sweeter week. x

  5. I can relate to your weekend too...particularly having had 4 daughters and gone through the first school dances..many years ago, but the memories your happy postings.

  6. We had a very similar those pigtales!I'd love to you what's inside your gorgeous decorated pots too!

  7. So sweet. Those pigtails. Glad you had a great weekend xx

  8. We did a little gardening and a whole lot of cleaning over the weekend. Must be almost Spring!

    Looking forward to the party.


  9. Love the bunting! Are they cookie mix jars?? I am thinking of making some of those for Christmas presents this year.

  10. Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend and that all is well. I look forward to reading about the party and birthday, It will be beautiful judging by the sneaky peeks.

  11. Looks like the party prep is going well. LOVE the bunting.

  12. loving all the glitter & sweet pics Catherine.
    your girl definitely looks like a groover.
    hope you have a good end to the week.
    hugs ♥

  13. I thought the first photo was of your eldest at first glance... goodness your little one has grown!! Love the bunting and other party decorations you've been making x


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