Monday, October 22

It was a hot and quiet weekend for us. The temperature reached 38℃ on Saturday (where did Spring go!) so we spent most of our time indoors trying to keep cool.
I played around with my camera a little, still trying to work out a colour I'm happy with, not wanting my photos to look unnaturally golden.
Pictures from around the house.
A little card for my niece who turns 2 this week.
While we were sitting keeping cool I decided to pick up the crochet hook and picked out a simple pattern to keep my hands busy, a dishcloth that I think will end up being a Christmas present.
I hope your weekend was a wonderful one.
Did you do much?
 (The head is a little blurry, it was quick to move and also was very ticklish too)


  1. Is that a tiny baby praying is so cute, almost see through!

  2. thank you for sharing a little of your life on the other side of the globe. I was amazed at the detailing on bedspread, is that handmade too ? And a lovely teddybear ! Overhere it is autumn, leaves are turning red and fall off the trees. I love that season, it makes me want to curl up on the sofa, with a cuppa tea and a ball of wool, making something nice and warm. Very funny indeed to imagine christmas gifts in warm weather. It looks like a wonderful book you have there, enjoy the crochet ! Many greetings from belgium ! rozemie

  3. Love the little crochet bear. So cute! Also the sunlight in the bedroom is just lovely.

    As you guys are getting ready for summer, winter is coming up here.

  4. I was invited to a lavish brunch on the roof of one of the best hotels in Florence. We ate, and laughed and enjoyed the sun (29°, where has autumn gone?). Slowly walked home and later had a nice cup of tea with son number 2.
    It was a lovely, relaxing and serene sunday. Life can be really good.

  5. Love that bear, he has such a cute quizzical little expression. mel x

  6. Wow that was hot...i think that is going to be our weekend coming...your photos look gorgeous...especially love seeing little ones doing dishes. xx

  7. I can't imagine weather that hot, our spring has been really wet and cold, down to 1 degrees tonight so we lighted the fire again!! Love all your weekend photos and the workshop photos in the previous post.

  8. What a hot weekend it was... Now we've got a big cool change coming in. Such strange weather, just wish it would rain. Beautiful images:)

  9. We think the high 30's is pretty cool around here. Ha! Still, not cool enough during the day. Weather has been rather icky for the past week. That little teddy bear sure is cute. Hope you are having a great week so far. Tammy

  10. hiya, love your photos and that you share your life with us all, looking forward to seeing the finished dishcloth, its great just to have time out and crochet something simple,

  11. I love that golden light across your bed - looks so incredibly cosy
    Cute card as always!

  12. Catherine, your photography is simply astounding- I am coming up for lessons!!! i LOVE the heart bunting card - so going to case that!!!

  13. It was a hot one last Saturday too, 38.9, and several of our children played cricket in it all afternoon. They don't seem to feel it so much if they are busy and concentrating - I didn't stay to watch - too hot!

    I've not seen a stripy praying mantis before.

  14. Your photography is beautiful. Love the light that you capture and how real your images are...
    You have such a lovely blog here, Catherine.
    Ronnie xo


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