Wednesday, October 10

Ten on the Tenth

1. The jacaranda in bloom.
2. She always wants to play ball.
3. Seedlings bought and ready to be planted.
4. Sweet notes for me.
5. Afternoon tea.
6. Having a giggle.
7. All ready for doing her homework.
8. Washing, on the top pretty pink fabric for my niece.
9. Picking cherry tomatoes each day.
10. Enjoying a cup of chai at the end of the day.

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  1. You captured moment that I too find to be special... every day. I love school supplies, the smell of clean laundry... and discovering a ripened tomato on the vine. Thanks for sharing, your photos are wonderful.

  2. what a lovely collection! i miss the jacarandahs of my childhood...might pour myself a chai now ;) have a sweet evening, sarah.

  3. PERFECT!!!

    What was this little love note??? Adorable!!!!


    (participating... from BRAZIL!)

  4. Jacarandas ! I haven't seen any in bloom in these parts yet, I must go drive down the street where I know there are a bunch and see if maybe I just haven't noticed !!

    And ... mmmmmmmm .... I love kiwi fruit !!

  5. I love this! How the moments string together as a day! Beautiful photography. xx

  6. beautiful photos, love this glimpse into your day, and how sweet is that treasure note!

  7. It looks like the perfect day! Sweet little notes from the kids are definitely my treasures!

  8. My mouth is watering over that kiwi shot!

  9. Loved this post, the note from your daughter is just sweetness itself! xx

  10. What a lovely collection of your day. We have lot of pink smiggle at our house too!

  11. Oooh, the jacaranda are gorgeous.
    Your pooch is too funny! Looks like she's a happy pup :)
    Great set, great day!

  12. These photos are so beautiful Catherine. Looks like you are well underway with your garden goal with those seedlings. Nothing feels as good as watching them blossom. Am sipping a cup of peppermint nature's cuppa, love their teas. x ashley

  13. Hello there, your day looks busy and filled with many little rewards. I missed 10 on 10 this month, life is too hectic right now, in a good but tiring way.

  14. Our jacaranda is just starting to bloom...the girls are loving watching the flowers appear! That note you received is just the sweetest...what a lucky Mum!
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful 10 things!!Love your photos as always x

  15. what a gorgeous set! I love the one of your dog. It's so fun to see you entering spring just as we're plunging into fall.

  16. Your dog looks lovely! Lots of vegetable possibilities in those pun nets, hope they all grow ell for you!

  17. Wow your photo's are beautiful!!

  18. Jacarandas always remind me of my childhood and walking under all the trees in the park where we caught the ferry to go to school. It also meant exam time in Brisbane.
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely things in your day. Your daughter is lovely and her note to you is just gorgeous. Love your doggy too.


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