Friday, November 16


(First photo with my Nan on her old Cortina. Second photo taken at my Grandmother's home)
When I was little I would spend hours looking through photos on a Saturday afternoon that my father had taken.  They were stored in an old brown port, in no order, still in their packets picked up after developing.  I would sometimes pull out the negatives, hold them up to the light and just look at them. I think it's so important to be able to capture special moments in a photo to look back upon and jog your memory of an event.  On Thursday I was sitting with Miss 8 waiting for the bell to ring when I decided to check my emails when one came in from my friend.  It was unusual because we don't often email each other so I was eager to have a look when the title said 'Proud Mum and Dad Moment'.  Her oldest daughter, my god daughter, was dressed up in her finest standing with her boyfriend ready to go to her school formal.  The photo almost had me in tears, I couldn't quite believe I was seeing her so grown up and now finishing such a big chapter in her life to begin another.  It only seems like yesterday that she was born, but it's now more than 16 years ago.  I remember when my best friend first told me she was pregnant with her, the first time I got to hold her, all the times I visited her and when she was this cute little baby with chubby legs jumping in her jolly jumper. I am truly excited for her to now be creating a special life for herself and starting on a new journey, that I was a little part of that journey she has already been on.
(My second birthday, dressed up in my party clothes)
At 16 I had been best friends with her mother for a year.  She was the chatty one, I was the quiet one.  It was in grade 9 when we first met I was sitting quietly waiting to go to form class when she was sitting next to me.  She said hi and asked if I went on the same bus route as her and if we could sit together and the rest is history as you would say.  That was a long time ago now I won't tell you how long though, but lets just say I'm not in my 20's anymore.  So when I saw that photo I started reminiscing, about how long it's been since we've been friends, all the times we've shared together, the big events in life and just the everyday ones too.  We've certainly had our ups and downs but we will always be friends and I'm so grateful to have been able to share some of these special times in her life.  Before I know it, it will be my turn next, my Miss 13 is finishing year 8 this year and boy has that flown by already. And when my big girl finishes school I can't to be able to share with my friend an email too with a photo of my gorgeous girl all dressed up.
(Playing at home in my backyard.  Do you like my groovy clothes?)
Are you someone who reminisces too?  Do you love sifting through old photos?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friends♥

*All photos above me.


  1. I love looking back on old photos, remembering the fun times and special memories that accompany them all and the all that they have captured - events, emotions, fashion, relationships and so on. I can imagine how you would have had lots of memories come flooding back seeing your god daughter all grown up... time is so short and so precious isn't it.

    Have a wonderful weekend Catherine xx

  2. I love looking through old photos too Catherine and remembering times gone by. Our kids and I often go through our box of old photos and it's through those pictures and my memories that they have a bit more of an idea of what the family members were like that they never had a chance to meet.
    I hoppe one day our children can share these stories with their own children.

    I can imagine how emotional it must have been to see your Goddaughter looking so grown up...time goes by way too fast.


  3. Oh yes I reminisce and reflect and love photos -old & new. Sounds like a really beautiful friendship xx

  4. Oh that first shot is GOLD! Nan with a cig in hand and all :)
    There was a sond I learnt in Uni, 'make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold' Never a truer word said. Old friends, and indeed their children/god chidren are so precious and play such an important role in our lives.......nothing beats reminising, honestly once you get going, you can go for hours!!!

  5. such beautiful pics, love all the funky outfits, you're mum was groovy!

  6. What would we do without pictures? Moments are lost until we see an image that brings back all the memories. Those are great old photos of you. The curtains in that second photo are definitely reminiscent of the time period. My oldest son is in his last year of high school. Very hard for me to believe that next year he will be off on his own in another part of the world. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  7. Sorting through old photos to take over to Taiwan for my son's wedding in January last year made me cry. Those baby and toddler years went so fast looking back. I wished I had appreciated them even more than I did. Other times it's just a lot of fun to look back in time.

  8. I love looking back through old photos. Love it.

    Sometimes I worry, we take so many digital photos these days, that it may get overwhelming for my two to reminisce.

    The shot of you sitting on the hood of the old Cortina with your Nan smiling (and smoking!) beside you is adorable. And I adore your birthday overalls!

  9. I recall some very similar clothes and poses in my childhood photos! I love looking through the old ones and passing them onto my teen to have a giggle at too...sometimes i fear that fun will be lost with all the digital photos we have albums are no longer the same dusty treasures they once were!
    Thanks for sharing your memories with us x

  10. Oh yes that is me all over....Mrs Sentimental....I love my old photos and too can't believe where the time has gone...It is so lovely that you are still able to share those wonderful milestones with an old friend. xx

  11. your child..?

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  12. Loved the old photos of you Catherine!!! I adore looking through photos and am currently freaking out as we can't access any of our photos pre mid-2010!!!! It has happened once before and we got them all back but this time it isn't looking good. Waah!!!! xx

  13. I love photos and the stories they tell. In fact I scrapbook and I love that my children have lots of their stories in albums, preserved for them to look at over and over.

  14. What a great post!
    I love looking back at our old family photos! Long before digital cameras, it was always so exciting to see how the photos would 'turn out' when you got them developed.

  15. Oh I love all these old photos - the swing set, overalls, floral curtains and relatives with their fags all bring back wonderful memories for me too. And look how cute you are :-) Those friendships are the best aren't they, standing the test of time. Yes, I love to sift through photos and reminisce and do it often. The kids love seeing photos of me "in the olden days" too.

  16. Loving your old photos and memories. Yes I love to look at old photos too... time flies by so fast that sometimes it is important to stop and look at how far we've come.


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