Monday, November 5

Weekend Wanderings

Happy Monday my friends, how was your weekend? Our weekend was a mix of a bit of time at home pottering around ticking some things off the list and a bit of time out and about.
Ahh November how did you come around so quickly.
Little Miss 8 enjoyed playing with my childhood doll dressing her in an array of clothes, many of them handmade knits from my mother in law.  
I'm thinking of sewing myself up a top after some blogging inspiration, something nice for Christmas, I'm giving myself plenty of time to sew it's been a long time since I've made any clothes for myself.
There was trip to the library.
And the Christmas cards were made too.
A little trip to the Finders Keepers Market on Sunday, I've been wanting to visit these markets for  a while and it didn't disappoint. It was a beautiful old building with so many original features including, stain glass windows, old pianos and yes a toilet with a pull chain flush which was fun for the little one.  There was an array of gorgeous handmade goodies and lovely things to eat and drink, check out this groovy combi van call Muriel.
I picked up a couple of little things for me a notebook (I can never seem to have enough) and twine from Bespoke Press and the rest for my sister in law for her birthday a notebook, some washi tape and a star ornament with the first letter of her name all from Paper Boat Press.
Did you have a good weekend? Was it a productive one?  I hope you got some time to yourself to relax before the craziness of Christmas creeps up, only 49 days to go!!!


  1. I love those christmas cards. They are gorgeous!

  2. What a bunch of gorgeous pictures today..your cards, the Paper Boat Press items and I had a little giggle seeing the Cabbage Patch doll! I went to a class in the eighties to make my daughter..who was three..a cabbage patch doll. It worked out well..but we still bought her a 'real one' as well as mine didn't have an adoption paper. It was fun to make though.

  3. Ahhh, i do so miss my cabbage patch doll!!
    Lovely pics and what looks like a wonderful weekend Catherine!good luck with your top....nice to make something for yourself isn't it?
    Your cards are just so always!
    We did a little work in the vegie garden on the weekend...praying for some rain to come our way soon!

  4. My sisters had cabbage patch dolls growing up, I am sure they are still floating around in the family somewhere.
    I adore Paper Boat Press and ordered that exact notebook with a few other things for a friend's birthday recently. Must check out Bespoke.
    Have a lovely week Catherine.

  5. i love your pics of your gorgeous weekend, but i so wish you hadn't meantioned the christmas countdown- eeek! :)sarah

  6. those cards are beautiful, you are soooo organised!

  7. Nice to see you spoilt yourself...we often forget to do that....and make sure you do show us you lovely new top when you are done. xxx

  8. A wonderful weekend! I really like your second Christmas card. You have some interesting reading there too.

  9. lovely photos about your weekend! i love those christmas cards, simple and very classy!

  10. I love these snippets of your weekend Catherine. Gorgeous cards and notebook (which reminds me I need to buy a few). Which New Look are you making?

  11. Such warm and inviting glimpses of your home. That fabric looks so lovely and that first Christmas card is one of the prettiest I've seen in a while...
    Ronnie xo

  12. 49 days!! When you say it like that, it seems Christmas is coming so soon.

    I just picked up some photography books from the library too.

    Love the Christmas cards. Reminds me that I need to start thinking about mine.

  13. Loving the combi van... That's my dream car to drive all my troops around in:)

  14. I never had a Cabbage Doll -- I had a Beanie Baby that I still have to this day. Unfortunately, I left her out overnight in the rain when I was about 6 -- she used to have a cord at the back of her neck that could be pulled and she would talk, but after getting soaked, she didn't speak again. :/ The market sounds like a really nice place to visit, and seems you had wonderful weather to boot. Nice purchases! And your Christmas cards are sweet and simple ... just perfect. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. Your Christmas cards are SOOO lovely Catherine. You're so talented with your craft and really inspire me to spend more time with such hobbies. That pile of library books looks so inviting, I love having a stack to work my way through as I am at the moment :)

  16. Gorgeous pictures. I am loving reading all your posts.....finally finding time to stop and comment. Oh finder I love those markets, think I shall be going again in December. Beautiful Christmas cards.....think I bought the same stamp for ours this year :) x


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