Monday, December 10

Snippets of our weekend

We're a bunch of homebodies by nature really and also very indecisive about what to do so without any decisions being made we busied ourselves around home. Saturday saw me going to our local organic shop for a free chocolate making demonstration.  I brought my camera with me and asked if I could take a few pictures, it was a great idea it seems to have brought my camera with me.  One of the ladies who works at the shop asked if I could email the pictures for them to use on their face book page since she forgot to bring her camera, I'm always more than happy to help out and to get a bit more practice in different situations. The demonstrator asked, once things were complete, to look at the photos and asked if I could also send him the photos. As a way of thanking me gave me an array of their products, to say I was happy was an understatement.  Maybe this might just be what I need to build up my confidence.
There was an impromptu trip to the park to see the fireworks.
Some crafting 
and candle making.  I have to say I was a little nervous making these candles and now with the information I have learnt I might give them another go but for now I have a few for us and some to give as gifts too so I won't be making any more for a little while.  I thought I would share some tips I learnt along the way so if you decide to give candle making a go they might come in handy.
Here's my candle making tips:
* use newspaper to cover your work surfaces.  Makes cleaning up much much easier.
* when choosing equipment to melt your wax in, ensure that it's not your best because it's messy and cleaning wax can be and was very difficult.
* pour a small amount of wax in the bottom of the jar, then using the tip of a pencil push the wick and holder into the wax and allow to set before you start your pouring your candle.
* to prevent wax from getting on your wicks when pouring, you can cover it with some blue tac.    When you unwind the wick from it's holder (eg. bamboo stick) then there will be no wax on the wick and it will look pretty and professional (unlike my very handmade creations).
* when using beeswax be aware that it does shrink when it sets so only fill the jar half way, let it set then tighten wick.  When it's set you can do a second and even a third pour to ensure there is no gaps between the glass and wax, also to fill in any air bubbles that may have formed.
* if you happen to get wax that has dripped on the outside of the jar (I had lots!), I found that a little bit of eucalyptus oil was fantastic at removing it.

Happy candle making if you decide to give it a try and happy week to you.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love your finished necklaces too. They look great. I am definitely going to make some now.

  2. Your weekend sounds just lovely Catherine. Your photos look fabulous and I am so pleased for you that the organiser and demonstrator recognised how great they are too. xx

  3. I love the necklace you made...such pretty colours! The photos you took at the chocolate demonstration are so professional looking. Nom nom nom...chocolate in exchange for photos sounds like a good deal. And I love the fireworks photos. I'm a big kid with fireworks...I can't wipe the smile off my face. In fact, all these photos made me smile...I hope your weekend filled you with smiles too. xx

  4. Well...i want some chocolate now! Great photos Catherine and so lucky you took your camera! Also really appreciate your candle making tips....i tried many years ago but got in anawful mess....really do want to give it another go! They do a lot of candle dipping at the markets around ehre for kids...would like to try that to!Looks like a wonderful weekend...we were all getting over yet another bout of gastro unfortunately :(

  5. beautiful catherine. the colours in the necklace are so pretty and how wonderful for the photo taking opportunity. well done. xo

  6. Such creativity. Love it. x

  7. Good pictures and good tips for candlemaking...I'll have to remember the eucalyptus oil one in case we have any candlewax spills over Christmas.

  8. Oh yay for you lovely! Your photos are always magnificent so it's wonderful that you can share your talent. Thanks so much for your candle making tips. Where did you purchase your beeswax? Hope all is lovely :) x

  9. Those candles look gorgeous - would be a lovely gift to make one of these days.
    Ronnie xo

  10. Your necklaces are lovely Catherine - I can't wait to get some of that clay myself and try making some beads with Grace. Your photos from the chocolate making demonstration are great too, I can see that the shop owner must have been really pleased you showed up with your camera xx

    P.S Somehow I accidentally posted this comment on your next post so I removed it and re-wrote it here... sorry x


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