Monday, January 14

Snippets of our Week

* A possum coming to visit.
* A title page for my garden journal.
* Playing with Miss 8's watercolours.
* Her room golden from the hot sun. (knitted doll made by my clever mother in law)
* Playing games of Monopoly (Australian Edition) in the cool air conditioning.
* Macro shot of game piece.
* Chocolate icing for her cupcakes.
* Molly keeping cool indoors with us.

Joining in with Em and Lou this week.


  1. I love these shots Catherine, getting a sneek peak into the small things that have made up your week and getting to see some corners of your home :) Where was your possum friend? In the roof or garden? What a great shot you managed to get of him. Your mother-in-law is an amazing knitter! That chocolate icing is making me very hungry... perhaps I should have some breakfast before I indulge in something sweet though... xx

  2. Aww your possum friend is adorable x

  3. Your photos always exude such warmth...
    I feel like dipping my finger in that gorgeous icing!
    Ronnie xo

  4. A lovely tiptoe through your week! Our dog has been spending abit of time inside in the airconditioning too! We have some cooler weather today...lovely! have a great week Catherine x

  5. So lovely! You've inspired me yet again lovely Catherine...the garden journal. Something I really should start and perhaps my garden might very well reward me rather than being taken over my sooty mildew and the like :( Hope all is lovely :) x

  6. Beautiful images, I love the garden journal and the glimpse of the pretty bedroom. Cute possum but they are considered a pest in NZ! Wendy xx

  7. Truly magic photo's Catherine! What a beautiful collection of stills.

    xo em

  8. Since when is there a laptop game piece for Monopoly? Obviously I'm way behind the times. I did see on the news the other day that the company is contemplating getting rid of a game piece and replacing it with something more modern. Always lovely to see what you are up to in your corner of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. I have a collection of knitted dolls very similar to that which my grandma made me when I was a kid. She used to make us so many knitted dolls we grew quite the collection. I have all my favourites packed away in my cupboard for when Imogen is older.

  10. Love the possum and the collection of knitted dolls. So Australian.

  11. I need to start a garden journal, not that I really know what I am doing :)
    Would you believe that I knitted a clown from the same book as that doll? It was one of the first things I made for our oldest.

  12. Cute little possum! That's a great picture of the little guy.

  13. Doing a little catchup ...hope this week was as beautiful as your last...gorgeous photos. xxx


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