Sunday, April 28


The camera has been hiding in it's case a bit this week, I've been trying to remember that I don't have to capture every moment to remember them, to live in the moment more but then I miss seeing more of the snippets of our week.  There's been a lunch date with a friend; an early morning ANZAC day service we attended; learning how to put things on ebay, trimming hedges and mulching garden beds; an afternoon tea under the tree in the back yard which for me was the perfect way to finish off the weekend, time to stop and just chat. I did get out the camera though and took just a few snaps.
1. Covered headphones for Miss 9 for school, these won't get mixed up with someone else's.  Pattern can be found here.
2 & 3. Our afternoon photo shoot.
4. Busy little hands creating something special and delicate just for me.
5. Apple crumble and cream, a sweet treat.

Joining the ever lovely Em again this week.


  1. Some weeks there's plenty of photo taking here and other times the hot out of the oven item has been eaten or handcrafted gift has been gifted before the camera is remembered.

  2. Number 4 has me curious.....
    Sounds like a wonderful week.

  3. It is nice sometimes to forget the camera and just be in the moment ...although I am glad you did have some beautiful snaps to show us of your little life. xxxx

  4. That crumble looks delicious! Sounds like you've had a productive and enjoyable few days. Wishing you the loveliest of weeks ahead xx

  5. I had one of those weeks where I told myself I'd take the camera everywhere I went, just in case. An almost every single time, when I walked out the door I didn't have it with me! Sometimes it's nice to just live the moment without feeling like you always have to record it on camera.

    I love your photos this week Catherine! :)

  6. There is definitely something to be said for living in the moment Catherine but it's also nice to capture these memories in stills.
    I too am intrigued by image four.


    p.s I used the link you posted last year to crochet myself some slippers..totally love them :)

  7. Love those little hands creating something and that bow behind, which gives a sense of "retrĂ²" and elegance.
    Have a nice weekend (here it's spring but these last days it seems to be autumn again: cups of tea, raincoats, home activities waiting for the sun)

  8. I love the earphones...what a great idea...think I will get Miss Teen onto this! I'm still trying to work up the courage to post something on Ebay! Sometimes it's nice to just live in the moment without the camera snapping isn't it? I try to remind myself of that when doing things with the twins! Have a wonderful week Catherine x

  9. The earphones are gorgeous, very effective! You are so clever. I'm also interested in what is being created for you! Hugs Wendy

  10. I understand the conundrum, but I also do think that fewer shots can sometimes tell a bigger story... :)
    And those earphones - you are a clever lady.
    Ronnie xo


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