Saturday, June 15


Miss 13 - Wearing her new jumper.  We had such a nice day hanging out together today just the two of us.
Miss 9 - Playing a game of Uno with her Dad.  The two of you know how to have fun, skating the morning away.

My favourites from last week were these dreamy, soft images; a little lion frolicking in the daisies and this little want to be ballerina, just stunning.

I'm joining Jodi again this week.


  1. Just so beautiful Catherine. I love how you each get to spend one on one time together. I hope you're having a happy weekend. x

  2. I love it when I get to spend some one on one time with Otto, I hear so much more of what he is telling me. Lovely photos.

  3. Again Catherine and again. Your photos are always so stunning. Excellent captures of both your sweet girls this week. Miss 13 looks so grown up and seeing the delight on Miss 9's face makes me smile so.

    have a lovely rest of your weekend. xxoo

  4. Happy Sunday to you....Lots of beautiful smiles in your house. xxx

  5. What stunning girls you have!!
    Thanks so much for picking my little ballerina as one of your favorites! So neat!
    Glad to have stumbled here!

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  6. I love Miss 13's jumper! :)

  7. Beautiful sparkly jumper - - so grown up!!
    Uno works for everyone doesn't it!!

  8. Beautiful girls. How nice to spend some one on one time with your big girl, I bet she loved it too. Hope you're having a lovely weekend x

  9. Beautiful photos of your girls, so lovely to enjoy time together. Hugs Wendy

  10. What beautiful portraits of your girls, you captured the moment so well!


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