Thursday, June 20

Guest Post

One of my long time blog friends Meagan of This Whole Family put the call out for the gift of a blog post for the upcoming birth of her third child, giving her some time with her new baby and family.  It doesn't seem that long ago that she welcomed her beautiful daughter Indigo when I last did a post, time does fly.  If you pop over to Meagan's blog today you'll find a yummy recipe you might like to try.  Thank you Meagan for having me over at your beautiful space, may you enjoy this special time with your new little one and your family of five.


  1. seeing the bottles and reading the tags what already say that it is something fragrant and smooth...congrats to Meagan! Blessings to her!

  2. Oooh, off to have a little read... x

  3. Thank you again for the beautiful post, your generosity and kindness. Love to you and yours. xo m.


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