Sunday, June 30


We've now hit the half way mark and although I'm sad that this year has flown by yet again, I'm actually pretty happy that I've kept up with this project.  I know that in years to come the girls will love looking back at a year of photos in their life, these photos will make a special gift for each of them come Christmas time.
Miss 13 - Always looking for inspiring quotes and funny ones too, she has a great sense of humour.
Miss 9 - Busy creating something for her Dad for Father's Day, so much more organised than her mother.

My favourites from last week was this one of Melinda's little girl; this one of Audrey sitting waiting for her Dad and Bron's two gorgeous children looking out to sea with the beautiful light behind them.

I'm joining the lovely Jodi again this week.


  1. They're lovely, and such a great gift idea..x

  2. Catherine, I swear... you continue to impress me week after week! Your girls are captured at such a stunning angle, are you shooting from below? Clever you! x

  3. Love you pensive B&W's this are right it will be a treasure for them when we are done with this year....congrats on keeping up .I love checking in with your gorgeous girls. Thanks for the shout out too. Have a happy week ahead. xxxx

  4. such beautiful sweet, love the angle and the b & w composition just renders them so timeless! gorgeous x

  5. I love the way you shoot your photos from such wonderful angles and create such beautiful compositions - your photography always inspires me so much Catherine. Your little one is very organised indeed!! :)

  6. Oh you have such a gift for capturing your girls. Such beauty in these! xo

  7. these portraits show a distinct difference in your ever growing skills. Lovely

  8. I just love the light in these photos and how their faces just shine through so beautifully. How organised is your little Miss getting ready for Father's Day already?
    Can't believe we are halfway through the year already! xx


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