Wednesday, October 16

How has your week been?  Mine has been slowly going along.  We've found our school rhythm again of getting up and getting ready and heading out the door on time.  We've been remembering our bags for swimming and answering notes.  Lately I've been trying to take more photos just of things happening in my day.  I started a photography course a couple of weeks ago, a wonderful gift I won in a giveaway, I think just what I needed to get me back into the groove of taking more photos.  I seem to go in waves at the moment with things and what I really want is just that calm sea, I'm not much for waves really. But back to photography, one of the lessons I read last week inspired me to take photos each day, that by doing so improved the authors photography immensely.  I think it might not just be the practicing of photo taking but also the practice in seeing the light, shadow, the little things.  I had thought about maybe having another blog, that I could embark on this project of a photo a day...maybe next year, it's nice starting from the beginning of the year it helps me to keep track.  Anyway here are some random photos from last week, photos of the everyday, photos I took for the weekly challenges in my course although last week I didn't get any done but I will do so this week.  Enjoy the rest of your week my friends. x
 1. Creating blur with a slow shutter speed.  Miss 9 was the perfect model for me, zooming down the path on her scooter.
2,3,4. Trying to freeze motion.  It was much harder than I thought, especially to try and keep everything in focus.  These were my best attempts.
5. Dusk, the view from my front porch.
6. Her cute little girl lego set.
7,8. Baking little apple cakes and almond thumbprint cookies.
9. Sad but still pretty flowers.  The heat from last week dried them but they still managed to keep their colour.
10. We've had lots of birthdays over the last month.  I've been making little gift cards lately which I have been enjoying instead of larger birthday cards.
11. A crochet coaster for my Nan to go with a new mug I bought her for her birthday.  She'll be turning 86 today!


  1. Catherine that photography course sounds wonderful! It's something that has been on my list for a while now but finding the time is a little challenging at the moment! I hope you share what you learn here... I love pictures :)

    Sophie xo

  2. It's so great that you are nurturing your passion for photography. Your photos are always so lovely. I think your photo-a-day project sounds wonderful too and I'm with you on starting new things at the beginning of a year :-). A very happy birthday to your Nan! Mel x

  3. Great pics, Catherine. Hope you're enjoying the photography class and learning even more tricks!

  4. Yay cards! We haven't done cards for a while! Let's hear it for cards!!!! Loving the photos.

  5. how fabulous catherine! just what you need ;) I hope you get loads out of it and it boosts your confidence to take your photography where you want it to be xx

  6. You've captured beautifully your day to day life.
    I'm yet to play around with my new camera, I really need to get to know it better though.

  7. Beautiful my favourite is the water from the tap...sounds like a fun thing to be day when I can get my hands on a good camera a photography course would be on the top of my to do list as well. Have a lovely end of the week. xxxx

  8. I think the 'every day' photos are what you will treasure most in years to come :) I'm glad your photography passion has been re-ignited with your course. You are such a talented photographer and inspire me each and every time I visit this space of yours to practise more with my own camera :)


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