Tuesday, November 26

On the menu this week

Every weekend I sit there for sometimes hours planning our menu for the week ahead.  As much as it's not my favourite task to do over the weekend it really does make things much easier.  I don't have to visit the shops as often and I don't have the problem of figuring out last minute what's for dinner.  When I was planning this week I searched by a single ingredient as I had a box of vegetables delivered on Friday and had lots of veggies to use. So here is my menu for the week with links to the recipes I'm using online just in case you need some inspiration too.

∙Shepherds pie
∙Roast chicken and vegetables
∙Organic Lamb Sausages and vegetables

Chewy oat and jam slice

Have you tried any new recipes lately?


  1. I've gotten out of the habit of menu planning & I do spend way too much time at the shops & thinking about what to have for dinner on the run. You may have inspired me to get back into it :)

  2. My menu planning hasn't been working since I started doing family day care but I so need to get back to it. I really like the sound of that pumpkin and broccoli ricotta pasta bake, thanks for the inspiration! i do hope the Christmas season is treating you and the family well Catherine, so sorry I haven't had much time to visit lately xx

  3. Oh it's shopping day for me tomorrow i just may use some of your inspiration...cause I sure could do with some. xxx

  4. I am never organised enough to menu plan - which is why we have the same dishes over and over and over!!!
    I did try some herbed, lemony chicken thighs this week with a couscous salad - thumbs up all round - will have to try it again!

  5. life has been chaotic the last few weeks so we have been eating a lot of raw veggies from the garden, cheese, granola, yogurt, eggs. whatever is fast and easy. these look delicious and inspiring though. xx


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