Monday, November 25


Looking out
Around here last week there was: 
 ∙ a spot of baking, orange poppy seed muffins, an orange icing was added later.
∙ a white peony I was waiting for it to open so I could take a photo for my mother in law, sadly it didn't but it was still lovely to admire.  They are one of my favourite flowers but my all time favourite is a rose.
∙ the view at breakfast when my oldest got her new tie for when she goes to senior school next year.
∙ some clay to make Miss 9's teacher a necklace for Christmas.  I'm thinking I might try a necklace with flat beads like this one.
∙ I also made a jar cosy to give as a gift for Miss 9's teacher along with a couple of tea lights candles.  I used this tutorial which was easy to follow and worked up quickly.  I'm not sure whether to make another because this one is a little loose? 

Have a wonderful week everyone.  It's our last week of school this week, on one hand I'm very much looking forward to having my girls home but would feel a whole lot better if a bit more Christmas shopping had been done!! I think I'll be braving the shops this week while they are still at school.

Joining Em from The Beetle Shack.


  1. Loveliness abounds at your place :)

  2. Lots of lovely crafting going least i have a few more to get myself prepared....enjoy the last week of school. xxxx

  3. I like those flat beads too
    Happy creating

  4. How did the necklace go?
    I've seen some lovely ones combining the flatter beads with block shaped ones too!
    Peonies are almost my favourites too

  5. I love that you always make such thoughtful (and beautiful) hand-crafted gifts. What a pretty flower too x


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