Thursday, December 19

Cooking, Cards and Christmas Craft

The advent calendar is up again this year, I can't quite believe there's less than a week left to go until the big day.  Today's activity was baking ginger bread men with a twist, they had a couple of tablespoons of cocoa in them, yum not that you can tell in the pictures.  The girls have so much fun doing this activity especially the decorating part which they can spend quite a bit of time doing.
That wasn't the only bit of productivity that happened in the house today.  I finally got around to making some Christmas tags after much procrastination, but they are done now.  There's been a bit of wrapping done too and tomorrow I'll do the posting.  I'm not sure the presents will arrive in time but if they don't I suppose Christmas Day will just last that bit longer.
The girls have also been busy creating. Each year they make a Christmas decoration to give to the grandparents.  Today they did some more work on it and the end product will look like this, except with their pretty faces in there of course.
And lastly some Christmas cards.  These are two different styles for family and friends this year, after much internet inspiration..
How are your Christmas plans going? I hope that you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas.

And wanted to say a big thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words you left for me on my last post, they really meant a lot to me.



  1. I made my first ever batch of gingerbread today and am pretty happy with it. I added a bit more ginger than the recipe asked for and it really has that Christmas-y flavour.
    Your gift tags and tags are beautiful. I've pinned them for future inspiration.

  2. What a fun day in your house. Our Advent Calendar task for the day was to make Christmas biscuits too... and then we made a spur of the moment visit to my Mum's and so the baking didn't happen... I've promised Grace we'll do it tomorrow on top of the task for then :) Your tags and cards are just beautiful Catherine. You always make such lovely things. My crafting has been very 'kid centred' this year but lots of fun. Grace has stamped wrapping paper with trees using a potato print stamp we made and Sophie painted a green painting on card which I used to cut Christmas tree gift tags from. I love this time of year and my girls love getting crafty with me. Wishing you a relaxing lead up to Christmas day my friend xx

  3. less than a week ~ drowning in to dos. all i really want to do is curl up and devour gingerbread! lovely photos, x

  4. Love all your good are you with those tags...i am a bit lazy and just repurpose last years Christmas Cards. xxxx

  5. beautiful Christmas craft C - I hope there is a good CHristmas feeling and that this Christmas is the best one of your lives - thinking of you sweetheart xxx

  6. Its amazing the variety you can get out of one star card punch and a Merry Christmas stamp - you just need imagination. Lovely little gift tags

  7. We add lots of cinnamon to our gingerbread recipe. It's fun to make things with a personalised twist! As always AMAZING cards!!!


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