Saturday, January 18


Today is my Mum and Dad's 39th wedding anniversary so tomorrow we will have a small gathering 
to celebrate their special day with them. With us we'll bring along a rice salad (made by my hubby) and
I decided to give a new recipe a try, Lemon and Coconut Tart with Buckwheat and Almond Crust.
It is a little different for my traditional dessert family so I'm hoping it's enjoyed.
Wishing you a lovely Sunday.


  1. That Tart looks so good. And wow, 39 years. Very very special xo

  2. that looks AMAZING! congratulations to your Mum and Dad, what a wonderful achievement. I hope tomorrow is special and precious. Jx

  3. Happy Happy Family time to you. xxx

  4. It looks delicious! Hope you have a lovely time with your family - what a very special occasion! x


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