Saturday, February 8


I'm trying to get motivated, to take photos, to get outside and get my hands back into the earth, it's slow but I'm determined to get there.


  1. Still thinking of you and hoping you are making it through. I have found that at a particular time of the day my mind needs a break and I'm done with the usual chores. Yesterday I used that time to clear the yard. It was so awesome and just what I needed.

    Boogles is the perfect name!

  2. Awesome that your very cute your Queensland style. xxx

  3. I love the angle of this shot...I can imagine you nestled in the grass!

  4. I love this shot - it shows you are still seeing things differently

  5. You will get there Catherine. Take your time and allow healing to happen as it wants to. Hugs.

    Is this your home? I love it. My dream home has timber verandas, a cottage garden, veggie beds and fruit trees.

    Take care and be kind to yourself. xxoo

  6. Thinking of you - and thinking that this is an amazing photo xx

  7. This is beautiful, Catherine. I am so pleased you want the motivation to be there.. go gently, it will return xx


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