Sunday, February 9


 Take two with pet fish for Miss 10. I'm sad to say that Boggles did not make it.  Poor Miss 10 was quite upset to make the discovery this morning.  So with her Dad she set off today and bought three more smaller fish, Goldy, Boggley and Candy.
 There are lots of good articles in here this month.
Baking today Banana and Chia Seed Muffins.

I hope your Sunday has been a lovely one. 


  1. Oh, poor goldfish (and poor Miss 10!) - they aren't always very hardy little things are they (the fish, that is)?

  2. Oh dear....not what any of you needed I am sure.......those muffins look delicious .

    Happy week ahead to you . xxx

  3. oh poor, poor Miss 10 - here's to long and happy lives for these ones
    I'm always envious of your yummy and healthy cooking sessions

  4. Poor Miss 10. I have been through this with my children. I can share with you two things that helped for us. Buy a small tank ( I mean 2 gallon small they can be really small but any size you like will be fine) with a filter. The filter really helps. Get a single Beta fish. Betas live a long time. We have one now that is 5 years old. Best of luck with your fish.

  5. Goldfish are so finiky as pets, alive one minute and gone the next. My daughter has had goldfish as birthday presents and they lasted a couple of months and then 1 by 1 they died. We got some more at the end of last year and they didnt last very long either, only a couple of weeks so we gave up and got a puppy instead. I hope hers last a long time.

  6. Lovely photos, goldfish can be tricky! We have two but it took a few tries before these two which have now survived for years :) blessings to your family. xx

  7. Poor Miss 10. I hope her new scaled friends have a longer life and are happy in their new home xx


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