Sunday, February 16


 We took a drive today to visit my hubby's Mum, it's been a little while.
There was a walk around her home to see what's been achieved and a bit of lunch indoors where the weather was much cooler. Then it was home again, home again back to get ready for another school week.  How was your Sunday?


  1. It is 9.30 a.m over here in England at the moment so my Sunday is only just beginning. Funnily enough I am seeing my mum today too for lunch. The sun is shining for 5 minutes as there has been auful rain and flooding in some parts of Britain, we however have been lucky. Enjoy your week.

  2. What gorgeous photos Catherine, especially the one of your little one's reflection... Sounds like your Sunday was lovely. We went to a birthday party for our friends' little girl and then have been resting after a few unusually late nights xx

  3. Beautiful pics of the alike you is your big girl? Xxx

  4. So lucky your family is driving distance - oh how I would love to drop in for lunch at my mums'!

  5. Catherine, that first photo reminds me so much of our front paddock, except our fence isn't as neat. xxoo


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